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You are all a Godsend !

I am having a really bad time ,i cant even write about it as am in so much pain and burred vison,my son had his 21st yesterday bless him i came home and went stright to bed (on sat up for 3 hours )i was done in ,!but today i feel so bad and low ,so i thought i would come on here and i have read what every one else are going through and it has made me relise that its being on my own that hurts the most (not one to talk to) but being on here makes me feel so much better and not so alone ,:) thank you all xxxx

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You can contact me anytime, also on Facebook as Sue Pearse message me we can have a good chat xx you are not alone this is a brilliant group

Sue xx


Hi hun we r not a bad bunch on here ive not long joined but its helped me so much im going 2b home alone @ wk end which im not looking 4 ward 2 it i hate being on my own. im here if u want 2 talk/windge/rant u can also get me on facebook hope ur day improves hun x Gentle hugs 2 every 1 x


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