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sooo tired

pain is bearable but the tiredness isnt.i feel exhausted have had to work these last 2 days and tomorrow but then off for 13 days.

ringing the drs tomorrow cos dont think the sleep apnea is helping although this only hapens when in deep sleep but dont have much of that but have woken phil all weekend gasping for breath! so now im scared to go to sleep in case i stop breathing and yes i know its not likely to happen but i feel like my heart stops and that scares me so making an appointment to try and sort it all out.

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I do know what you mean, the tiredness is what kills me especially when the 'real' me had such boundless energy.

Enjoy your time off.

Whippet x


Hi i agree too the tiredness is a an akien to me i was one to get up at 5/6 am and be full of energy all day rushing round like a blue a---d fly and gouing to bed at 12 am and off i would go again the next day oh how i wish those days were here again but no not know lol

love to you diddle x


Fatigue is awful. I get it so bad sometimes that it is an effort to breathe and I could just drop to the floor and never move again. Sometimes it lasts for a few days and other times only for a few hours. I drink lucozade sports drinks to try and boost my energy levels which help a bit.

Hope your GP can help

Niblet x


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