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I cant believe i am so worn out still from my london trip i went an sat down this morning and there i stayed drifting in and out of sleep until half twelve then went to my mates for two hours for a girly chat and that was it home bath walked the dog npw sitting with my feet up again cant believe how tired i am better get my strength up got my grandson fr=or 2 hours tomorrow afternoon while my daughter has 2 hour pamper at my sisters salon for her birthday present so thats nice love to you all have a nice evening love diddle x

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I didn't get what your London trip was about but hope it was about fun, fun, fun! Therefore makes it all worth it!

You rest up diddliedee and be well enough to enjoy your grandson (a blessing I missed out on). Of course, also I need you to be well enough to be on here often enough for me, me, me, it's all about me!

Couldn't help myself, sorry (lol)

Whippet x


Hi my parents took me just to get me away for 5 days we just walked around saw the palace/madame tussauds/camden lock/covent garden/ science museum/ sat in coffee bars ate out every night and every breakfast walked up the mall had a boat trip it was hot hot hot too no coats all week we went to a cmedy club it was jus lovely but paying for it now i took my kindle away and read 1 and half books as i was up at 4 am every day sittimg on huge windowill 16 floors up looking over london it was lovely

love to you and yes it all about me lol diddle x


I believe it! I went to london for a day to watch the recording of The Chase, USA version. It was fab day, but it took me about a week to recover! I had my first physio next day and when I told them they said it was great that I was getting out and doing things. That's as may be, but the recovery is still a pain!!!

Hope you feeling better now xxx


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