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ESA Tribunal

Hi all i have just recieved my appeal decision and it has now been passed to the tribunals service as the dwp wouldnt overturn the atos medical decision.

I sent in 3 full sets of copies of hospital letters from the rheuamatologist (dating from 2006 upto present) which the dwp accidentally/on purpose never recieved (load of codswollop i always posted it recorded and needing a signature, on all 3 occasions it was signed for!!!)

Now my lovely friends & mobile hairdresser are writing frank letters about just how much help i need from them, yes i may look clean, tidy and shaved but its my wonderful friends that help me!!!!

Also resending hospital letters and my daughters daycare is sending a letter on how she was given a funded place at 2yrs old because she is classed as a disadvantaged child due to my illnesses and the fact i cant do a lot of the things a parent should be doing to wear out/teach/play with an active toddler.

can anyone else think of anything i need to send? i rang the cab but they are that backed up with these appeals, claims etc that they have been unable to offer assisstance

I just wish that they'd realise that i would give anything to go back to the job i used to do. i was an assistant complex manager on a lovely little well known holiday park and had just been offered a promotion when i realised i could no longer do my job. anyone that thinks it is my choice not to work wants a slap round the head with a wet kipper!!! i cant imagine how anyone can make a comfortable life on benefits and feel fulfilled as well!!!

sorry if its a bit of an essay/rant but i'm just in that mood today. one of my lovely friends has come and taken my daughter with her family to feed the ducks just so i can relax a little. i would love to be the one to take her but in the middle of a relapse and feel like its an enormous task just making a drink!!!

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ps i am 30, i was dx when i was 22 and finished working when i was 26. I had always worked since i was 16, had 3 jobs plus full time college till i was 19 xx


Hi hun, I can so appreciate what you're going through and you're right I absolutely believe that they do loose paperwork whether on purpose or not. They are totally swamped with work probably for the 1st time ever. I am in the same boat, fortunately for me I don't have to deal with a little one too. I am amazed that you manage so well, considering. I know you have sent hospital letters but get your GP to write too and it might be an idea to write to your MP (I did) not that it makes a difference but at least if we all do that they might get the hint that they have messed up big style. So keep your head up hun and keep going. Very gentle fibro hugs xxx


HIya thanks for your replies, i think its the fact i manage so well that they think i am fit for work. what they dont realise is i have a lot of help from friends and also i dont have a choice in my daughters case, i'm a single parent so i'm her only caregiver (her selfish father commited suicide last year but he never acknowledged her anyway) and no matter how ill i feel she still needs food, care etc. my gp is useless, (well one of the partners at a practice of 3 gp's) he believes fibro is in the mind and that a good diet and exercise is all that you need to get over it!!! he did write on the form the dwp sent but literally put my dx (fibro & as) then just left all the other boxes unticked!!! and as i am under a rheumatologist if i go to gp with pain or other symptoms he just asks when my next hospital appointment is and to tell the hosp my symptoms!!! my main gp is ill at the moment so i cant ask him directly for a letter. just seems the sick & needy are being penalised for the bankers & governments mistakes, i could start into a major rant over this but am not going to as i may offend!!!!



hope all goes well i appealed against my decision but was turned down im in the work related one had to go for an interview with a personal advisor i took all my hospital appointments to show them and a letterfrom my doc and a list of my meds and they said i would be better doing a course told them i carnt sit for long periods and they said im sure they will let u walk around i could do a 2 day course feel like im banging my head against a brick wall hope it goes ok for u xx


i got my letter sataday saying i am being taken off incaspasaty and being put on the work related benift.i lost my care asstent job in 2005 due to my pain and the pain clinic told me i had FM i was 26 when it first startid and 29 when i lost my job. I see how i cope if and when i get a job. fingers crossed for you xx


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