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Today i am helping my sister she is re vamping her beauty room dad is decorating it and we are having a good clear out of all her stuff and re arranging lay out of room but i can do mostof it sitting down which is good lol .

She is investing in a new macchine eveyone is raving about she wants me to be trained to use it so i can do it on her it is like lipo suction lol be no good me having it i only tiny anyway ha ha but customers seem keen to have it so she has bought one

so that is my day i dont mind as i am not missing any weather jus saw weather on news and all those poor people waiting in the rain in london i admire them i wouldnt do it i am not very royal anyway but bless to sit in a dampo wet tent to wave a flafg no thanks but that is what they enjoy so good on them

no street parties near me either any of you got street party ???

we had one in 77 it was great but people dont seem worried this time around

oh well what ever you do i hope you enjoy and keep dry and warm love to you diddle x


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