I'VE GOT THE DAY WRONG!!!! re medical examination today

This morning I told you I was having my medical examination today,I got t wrong,my mother and I have been sitting here waiting and waiting,she said to me have you got the date right,so I checked the letter again which I have read and re read loads and the appointment is next Tuesday,some how I'm actually not surprised I got the date wrong,thank you anyway for all your good lucks,I feel exhausted now and need to sleep!..xx

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  • I feel for you, getting up the courage to face these people and then the brain blinks and you find everything upside-down. Lucky you have a Mum who will understand about the brain fog.

    have a good sleep

    Kindest regards


  • Thanks terry,off to bed shortly,mums quite happy to sit and wait for her washing to finish then she will go home,I also have a really bad head,can't think strait!...Julie x

  • Drat that fibro fog I waited all morning for mobile hairdresser by lunch time had given up then saw on calendar she was due in the afternoon....

    VG x

  • It's mad isn't it,I can not believe I got it wrong,poor mother who's 74 travelled 15 to get to my house! She's ok about it,I was going to bed but will wait for her to go,she's been quite happy sitting here watching TV,I think I've got a head cold so think I will stick my head under the duvet or a couple hours,already got my hot water bottle waiting for me,I still can't believe I was out by a week!...xx

  • np pinkblosson it happens we all feel for you, just try and laugh off

  • Oh bless you Blossom, this has happened to me, you feel so silly don't you. But please don't worry, these things happen, we all make mistakes. There's always another day!

    Make sure you have a rest, put it to the back of your mind, spend some time with us all in here if you're at a loose end! We all understand!

    Take care. (((hug))) xxx

  • A week early, why does that not surprise me coming from a fellow fibromite. I do the same thing with hospital appointments. One time I was supposed to go to one hospital and turned up at the other so had to make a new appointment as there was not enough time to travel back to the other one by bus xxxxxx

  • I do hope you didn't have to wait to long to go for your next appointment,I can't believe I was a whole week out,best I double check that my rheumy appointment is this Friday! I had some nice support this morning from people now I feel a right idiot! Iv got a bad head cold and a really bad headache and all this has left me totally exhausted,Iv been in and out of sleep all evening,it wouldn't surprise me if they cancel on me next week after I'd got myself mentally ready again!...xxx

  • Make sure you give this as a good example of you fibro fog, the fact you were sat waiting a whole week early xxxxx

  • Good idea,I best write down what happened because I shall only forget what I did! Lol...xxx

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