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I've soooooo got restless legs syndrome tonight they are driving me nuts, I'm so tired but can't get to sleep, I don't sleep well anyway, but this is madness, I hate this fibro. I have other conditions but this one is the worst and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, and I still can't get to grips with this new site, I guess it may work out better, but I can't seem to find where my replies are , sorry folks don't really mean to moan, but I think I may be at the beginning of a flare up, ...gentle hugs to all my fibro friends ....Dee xx

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  • Hi Dee,I also can't sleep,my hips are very sore keeping me awake,I'm getting used to the new site now,but it seems a shadow of its former self,hardly anyone blogging or replying,feel sad not seeing some of our once very regular intact daily peeps on here,hope you feel brighter soon,love Della xxx

  • Should say infact! This phone keeps altering my words! xxx

  • Oh Dee and Della you have both had grotty nights me too or rather hellishly early mornings! You are right we seem to be down in numbers since they changed the site silly really why change somethi g that aint broken. Still here we are and we must all make the most of it. Time we just to took a hold and enjoyed ourselves if you two are up for it we will have a go? xgins

  • Hello FFF's :) (Fellow Fibro Friends!)... So sorry to hear about your bad nights - know just what that's like after these past weeks and months. I wish I could add something but just thinking of you all and with you in spirit - imagine us all together in huge very soft spaces (add chair/bed/recliner etc) with box of tissues and bowl of treats between us, no-holds-barred moans and laughs... and gentle hugs! :)

    love to you all Frangi xxx

  • LOVE Della's dog!! s/he has to be there too...

  • sorry, slow thinilking, poor memory, but I've missed this forum because when the new site went live I didn't get any updates until yesterday and then it was a struggle to re-register or whatever it was, as it didn't recognise me! wonder if that's what's happened to some of the others? doesn't take much to be too big a task does it...

  • glad you found your way back :)

  • Frangi-pan do join the thread to the Fancy dress parade _ xgins

  • I know how you are all feeling - we just have to find our way through this awful illness and all its affects it has on our lives - as for the new site I think it is great and feel although it takes getting use to it is worth it - simplifies it all once you get use to it.

  • Hi I am new to this also, my sleeping pattern has changed finding it very hard to stay awake during the day, because I just cant sleep on a nite. The hot weather has also made it worse. I dont cope well with the restless legs either driving me mad. Big hugs to you all .

    Jan x

  • I too have been suffering with this heat wave, cannot sleep and I get restless arms as well as legs threw a cup of tea across the table yesterday. But it is cooling down a bit now so maybe things will improve.

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