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Do I carry on fighting or just quit?

I have just been put in the support group after my re consideration was granted, I have been awarded my blue badge an got my free prescriptions, but my question is do I still go ahead with my DLA appeal? I get lrc and lrm but I don't know if I have the fight in me anymore and im also worried that they can take away yr award that you already have. One min I think I will carry one the fight as I think im entitled to at least the hrm but then the nxt min I think I don't want to loose what I have already an the thought of going to an appeal terrifies me, so what would you all do???????? Thanks Hilly xx

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my opinion is fight it all the way hun ive got social worker coming 2 moz ready 4 me applieing 4 DLA Gentle hugs 2u hun x :)


Go to a local advice centre, I use Mind where I am as I have depression as well and there support has really helped me a lot, I know I'm not alone, I have also used the local Wiltshire Law Centre which has also helped, get someone on your side and then choose, its worth the effort and help you through a difficult time. Your not alone :-)



Maybe get legal advice first (info in the link below). I think you need to think about how much you need it. Is risking your DLA more of a concern than not getting HRM DLA? Only you can know how much you need it.


Hi there,

I have just put a claim in and a woman from the me associtation came to help but said i should be prepared for a fight as they are not giving 70% of claims at first and she had said that some people are trying to up their awards and asking for a reconsideration and some people are actually getting their other awards off them all together. If that makes sense. They end up with nothing.

You might be lucky and get it but you also need to be prepared for them taking evrything off you too.

Good luck with what ever you decide.

hugs, kel xxxx


i have no idea what all the initials mean so i cant help you except to say we will give you support all the way go tocit advice beaur. ( sorry cant spell it lol) they have legal aid and they helped me thru a lot of red tape. butterfly hugz petal


If you are entitled to it, they should award it, so go ahead and appeal .

If you don't mind me asking, how do you manage to get free prescriptions? I had 8 items per month and now yesterday just had to add the 9th as got to take statins due to high cholesterol. Luckily I have a prepayment cert, but how do you go about getting them free? He was going to add antidepressants too bout decided to increase the tranquillisers I'm already taking to see if that helps me. I was so relived I had paid in advance and it's well paid for itself.

Thanks and good luck with you appeal xxx


Hi rozzyb, you have to get form FP92A from your Dr and he has to sign it it is the last reason on the form about going out on yr own, you have to be getting DLA as well any rate I think, have look on here on the arkives sorry spelt wrong I got mine through reading about it on here and it has saved me about £500 cos I too had a pre payment card an now this exemption card is for 5 yrs good luck Hill xx


Thanks for the info. I think I,d struggle getting that one as although I hate going out on my own because I am so nervous, if I had a car I could....couldn't park it too well, but I think I'd end up lying on the form if I did. I buy a prepayment certificate which is £104 for the year, that is practically paid for itself I a month now, so I can't really complain. We don't get any other help as OH works, although low wage my incapacity now ESA stops him getting anything. I think we live in a country that allows Scotland and Wales to be part of us but when it comes to healthcare it's different how comes they get free prescriptions. Oh well.. Well never change the owners that be xxxxx


appeal,appeal, and appeal! i would if i were you


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