i hate these sleepless nights 2.35 am

so im going to babble on im still waiting for my tribunal hearing been a few month now im struggling with money got a £400 gas bill to pay they dont think of all this when they cut our money. an now i have been reading that they going to make it harder to APPEAL i would love to go back to work to see and talk to people again. an i maybe forced to but i know would only be able at the most to do 2 hours cleaning a day and will struggle at that this is how im thinking preparing myself for the worst i wont be earning much an what happens if i cant do it do i sell me self ? probably make £1 week doing that cos i wont ave the energy or let the government touch me up for a for years supply of ESA hey im not joking ? i will DO. any help/advice with tribunal hearing would be grateful who has already had one thanks people an good night i hope? love n happy days for all xx

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  • Yep, they are changing the appeal system to remove any legal rights we have left. They might as well shoot us all and be done with it, the end result is the same.

  • hi, i know it all stinks xx

  • Im sorry but im not too clued up on this joke of a system, tho it makes my blood boil to read what they are doing to genuinely ill people on here. Whatever next? I know, a toilet tax, if you have more than one loo in your property and you live alone you must open one to the paying public or face a tax on it????!!!!! Disgusting system. I am going to spend some time reading up on all this bolony just so i have a bit of knowledge to help where i can. Im sorry not to be able to help but you are in my thoughts and i hopee you get it sorted soon, life is enough of a struggle for us just coping day to day with this vile condition without these idiots causing even more grief. Take care....Love Charlii xx

  • hi charlii well i dont know whats going to happen to us all i really dont they should all spend a week with us to know & see what we go though its crap it really is the rich get riches an the poor get poorer one of the panel on question time stuck for us an said more the same thing how we are to fight for the benefits we should receive xx

  • Hi I'm Sue and I have just this morning been diagnosed with fb, I had to go trough a tribunal last year - which I won, am now waiting to go through my second - even though I am worse now than I was back then. The only advice I can give is be brutally honest don't leave anything out, speak to them as if you are having your worst day. Good luck :)

  • thanks love thats all i have is thee troth xx

  • Labour brought in ESA in 2008, the Tories then set about changing the rules for ESA in 2012, who the hell are we supposed to vote for. The best of a bad lot? :D

  • well every one is well not every one is going to vote just to keep the Tories out an that's all what ive been reading thats the only reason we will all vote not because we em to win that's how we all feel with this government xx

  • oops not because we want em or like em to win xx

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