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Could my assault have caused my FM??

For as long as I can remember I have been in pain, weather it be my shoulders, neck,back etc....3 years ago I was diagnosed with FM after suffering for so long n since then ive kinda been left in limbo, passed from pillar to post, my GP is pretty clueless as to how deal with it and I have been on all the meds under the one point he even gave me morphine, not good when you have a seven yr old to look after...anyway ive been looking into FM a lot recently because life is becoming pretty unbearable and I keep coming accross things saying that FM can be triggered by a traumatic experience.....when I was 13 I was attacked and brutally raped by a gang of 3 boys...i have found it very hard over the past 13 years trying to cope with what happened to me, I have nightmares all the time, ive seen psycologists, psychiatrists, councellers, hypnotherapy, but no matter what i try, i cannot open up and talk about it and I know thats what I have to do in order to start healing, I have so much inside that i want to get out because i feel im going to burst but its just too hard for me to say the actual words (i thought maybe writing on here could help, get it out in some way) But the more I am looking into FM the more I am thinking that this is what coulda set all this off...could I be right? Would be good to hear your thoughts....much love to you all x

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how awful for you ,what an awful thing to happen ,cant imagine what it would be like to cope with somthing like that ,my heart goes out to you ,

but i think you are probably right quite alot of us have had bad exspierences or trauma .

someone asked the same on the questions bit of the site and the stories that people told most of them were of trauma or accidents etc

go onto questions or search it im sure you will find it interesting

hope this helped

gentle hugs xxxx


yes tess i agree with lynz, i had a number of major stressful events that preceded my condition and lots of people do.

as regards opening up to a health professional,, i have a friend who took 30 years to find one that she clicked with. she had been abducted at 4 and it was a long time before she was found. her experiences during that time have not been shared with me but when she found the right counselor everything came together.

i found that for my part i had some 'unfinished business' from my childhood that needed to come out but found it hard to discuss... words wouldn't come. so when i first got a computer 12 years ago i made a file on it that was password protected and started writing. because you can cut and paste you can re arrange what you write.. so what you start writing isnt what has to be the beginning.. so just start somewhere. where you dont feel the panic. before it or after it.. what happened after is often a better place to start cos a lot of our resentments build up around the way it was handled. then go backwards. eventually you type yourself out. i started to bore myself in a strange sort of way. some counselors just sit in silence anyway and wait till you talk yourself out of it.... i hate that form of counseling but a computer sheet can do the same thing. its a long gone computer now and i dont care what i wrote as no one will ever see it and i have now 'finished with that business'

good luck tess you are entitled to have a good life.

gentle hugsxx


Oh dear that ids horrific for you to go through and very brave of you to share that it cant have been easy for you , well i am not an expert by any means but i have read alot about fibro and alot of things i have seen say hat a trauma could bre the cause of fibro so i suppose it is possible that was the trigger for you to get it but like i said i am not in any way /shaope or form a proffessional so really you need to go to see someone in that field and hopefully they would tell you more , good luck with that and love to you diddle x


Hi Tess,

So sorry about what happened to you. I think perhaps writing it on here and 'talking' to people who understand might help in a small way. I hope so anyway.

I had 10 years of violent and mental abuse from my first husband and I can't forget it, it's still very clear in my mind 30 years on. I haven't talked about it really but I do really think that being able to write it down might help us a little bit. It's not somehting you stand at the bus stop and talk to strangers about but this group understands and everyone is very helpful and sympathetic.

Not sure all that made sense, it's early and obviously a foggy day lol :)

Gentle hugs, have a good day if you can xxx


hi tess im inclined to say yes that was the trigger ,, i was abused by my stepfather from 5-16 ,, had a nervous breakdown ,,at 17 and took him to court ten years ago ,, the night before we went to court i could hardly move or think for pain ... my ex took me to the hospital at 2am and they said as i was witnessing the next day they were reluctant to give me any major pain relief ,,,

since then i have rarely had a pain free day , in fact it has gone worse so from where im standing id say a trauma is the trigger point ,,,

have you asked about cbt hun ??? its often used in cases like this xxx


Hi Tess,

I am so sorry you had such an awful thing to happen to you, i am not suprised you have found it hard.

Yes i do believe it is through trauma that you get fibro. I belive that it was through a traumatic birth that i got my fibro.

I hope you can get some help soon hun, I hope this site will help you in some way.

take care love kel xxx


Hi guys, thanks you all for ur kind words of support, it helps to know im not the only one out there with so much baggage!! I think what someone said above about just starting to wtite how i feel and what happened etc and not putting it in any order..i think that could be a good way to start..I just feel when i start discussing certain things or discuss how im feeling, I stop myself as I think im being a nuisance, n just moaning all the time...I dont talk to family about this, although my parents were very supportive when it happened, they took me to councellors, therapy etc but as I didnt ''talk about it'' it just got swept under the rug so to speak (which was great for me as it was too shameful/disguisting and embarassing) I was 13!! I started CBT about 2 weeks ago but again I cannot open up, in a strange way i feel like its a burden on these poeple (although thats their purpose) I am bottling it up and I know thats not healthy, I know its only a matter of time before i explode but I just cant say the words!! My partner is amazing and so supportive...when im having nightmares, he talks me round with stuff like (imagine were lying on the beecch, feel the sand on our feeet, smell the coconut oil etc) he always calms me and assures me im safe and I love him for it, dunno what i would do without him, his support through everything has been amazing between this and the FM..Some websites state its ''all in the head'' its so contravertial (sp) I hate telling people i have this illness as some people dont even think its an actual illness...and because i look ok n most of the time put a smile on my face people presume im ok n im faking it...oh if only they knew what was behind my smile!! I am really looking forward to talking to u guys (im new to this)...Big hugs xx


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