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Relieved !

I had my check up today which is routine after joining a new doctor surgery. Was seen by a lovely nurse who was very sympathetic and agreed that my previous GP's should have done a lot more for me and that it was awful of them to fob me off with paracetamol. Was reassured that the doctors at this surgery are very lovely and know quite a bit about fibromyalgia, I have an appointment next Wednesday with one - I'm nervous because of how I've been treated in the past but relieved that maybe I'll be getting somewhere!

Have to be referred to see a gynaecologist also, which is never pleasant but hey ho, that's just life! Just glad I will hopefully be getting sorted with something that may help, I'm at the point where I'm willing to give anything a go!

Hugs to all.


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If your gp is supportive you will be amazed at the difference, it can help you feel such much more confident and in control. My gp is just brilliant, helpful and just lovely. I'm glad I've found him.


Umbrehla, so pleased your new surgery is much better than the one you had before. It makes all the difference when your GP, nurses etc are approachable and empathetic towards you. I am very fortunate I have a great GP and a wonderful Rheumatologist who both listen to me, so many don't. I had to change Rheumatologists at the beginning as the first one I saw refused to diagnose me and wouldn't understand at all. I went through the process of changing who I saw and have never looked back! So if anyone isn't happy with their Rheumatologist or Neurologist etc., it is possible to be seen by someone else, but you have to be "released" by your current Consultant first. :) :)


I found a differance when I changed surgerys, my Dr is more understanding about fibro and things that go with it,he doent fob me off,xx


Thanks for sharing your good news with us. If what the nurse says is born out then I think there is a list of good docs someplace which you could add them to. Always useful for those of us still looking!

Whippet x


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