Hi all,I'm a 45 years young woman. I have pain constantly in every joint, I get very tired and just never have any energy,I've been getting really bad sweats for past 4 years all over head face and neck which is driving me mental. No one seems to know why I have these sweats. I've just had open heart surgery in March for a condition I was born with. I'm not sure if it's fibromyalgia but doctors saying I've all symptoms for it. But no one understand the sweating. Does anybody else suffer from bad sweats with fibromyalgia.

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  • It sounds like the menopause as this is when I started getting tired and this exaggerates your weaknesses, as I use to go to the gym up to about your age, I'm 52 now, I then started getting colds and couldn't keep going so had to pack it in. From then on, I put on weight, naturally but slowly as it took a few years before I am the weight now, which is not too bad as I don't have any other problems. I have only just had problem with my hip last few weeks which I think needs replacing as I had to have hip replacement 27 years ago and never had a problem until now with my hips. I have had all the sweating and going hot/cold last year and the menopause can last from aged 40-55 continuously or on/off. At the moment, though I am prone to allegies which started 2 years ago and have to take vitamin c to boost my immune system because as you get older, your immunity weakens and you need vitamin c every day which is not enough in greens/fruit nowadays. May be evening primrose or starflower oil could work. Hope you find out what it is and improve.

  • No its not menopause hun been checked loads of times by my gynaecologist as I've also got polocysitic overys. Thanks tho

  • Hi, sorry to hear that you're going through the horrible sweats that are very common with Fibromyalgia, especially sweating from head, face and neck. There doesn't seem to be any particular answers as to why this happens, and there have been many posts on this forum about this particular problem.

    I suffered terribly with head, face & neck sweating, and was sent to a Dermatologist who was very sympathetic, but wasn't able to suggest any treatment to help. I think he felt my disappointment, and he asked which medication I was taking, and looked up the side effects, and Tramadol and Amitriptyline came up with excessive sweating as side effects. After discussing with my GP, we decided to swap the Tramadol for 30/500 CoCodamol, (I was taking Amitriptyline before the sweating started) . That was 18 months ago, and I must say that that it worked for me, I only sweat now under normal circumstances.

    Despite the fact that the sweating causes us a lot of distress, both physically and socially, the Drs just seem to have the attitude of you just have to live with it!

    I hope you are recovering from your Heart surgery, and that you don't have Fibro, as it's not a very nice illness to have.

    take care

    GJ 😊

  • Thank you. I've only been taking tramadol for 5 months but don't seem to take my pain away and the other tablets I've never had. It's just sooo frustrating.

  • I'm a 57 years young with fibro and I get really bad hot flushes /sweats. As I've been through the menopause i know that these flushes are different. Mine covers my face and neck like yours and also feels as though I have an electric blanket on my back lol and the sweat just drips off me. They can happen at any time so I'm never prepared.

  • Yeh same as me. I get sooooo paranoid when I'm out because people are always looking at me. Mine happen with any exertion regardless and it's taken over my life.

  • I have to admit I duffer with sweating a lot and mines more my neck and head / face drs thought it might be early change but I'm not sure now think it's all to do with the fibro

  • That makes sense with the types of sweating then as these are different, thanks I've learnt the difference now but there are so many conditions with similar symptoms too. I do hope you find a solution for this.

    Hopefully, maybe this will help you as I found a remedy online for ovarian cysts a few months back which is caused by potassium deficiency and Apple cider vinegar is high in potassium, anyway the remedy is: one tablespoon cider vinegar in a glass of warm water then mix one tablespoon black strap molasses (black treacle). Drink this daily until your cysts disappear. I must warn you though, this is horrible to drink so maybe you could try putting it with something else. Also though, I think bananas are high in potassium so may be try this instead. Good luck with your health.

  • Thanks very helpful

  • I sweat badly at times, the sweat literally runs down my bak and sides, I also sweat around my knees and ankles, weird. A friend of mine with fibro has the same sweat related problems.

    Fingers crossed you get some answers soon and that it's not fibro.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. Hyperhidrosis is quite common amongst Fibro sufferers. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you ken

  • I am 31, and I have the same problem. I sweat just round my neck and face and head, it's really bad, I have spoken to my doctor about it and she just said it could be anything really because I am on so many different medication.

    It funny because my feet will be freezing cold, and my head is boiling hot and I have sweat running down my face.

    Lisa x

  • OMG Lisa sounds like takes over your life doesn't it? I've had it 4 years and it really frustrates me that no one seems to know why this is happening. Had lots of blood tests before I had the heart surgery and Dr was saying I have high white cells which means I have infection somewhere up they don't know where. X

  • I'm so sorry about what your going through.

    About your tiredness, you may have some form of chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Ask your doctor about a blood test, to make sure you don't have it,

    About your pain, if you can, see a nuroligist. They can help. I take gabapinton pills to help with your nerve pain.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for your reply I'm already taking 3200mg a day.

  • I sure hope you start feeling better soon.

    I was on 3200, then last month he rose me to 4000. It is above why is recommended but I'm handling it.

    Thank you for responding, it was great to hear from you!

  • hi, sorry your feeling rough. you have had a lot over last months, hope your recovering well from your heart surgery. your sweats could be a few things, your surgery, medication, have you thought about menopause, I went through it at 39, and yes fibro. let us know how you go on. big hug sent your way, take care. dilly

  • Thank you. I'm definitely not menopausal but Dr's said I have high white cells which means I have infection somewhere sooo frustrated with this wish it would go.

  • Joint pain ? Not sure that is Fibro? I also have excessive sweating, my doc wanted me to have stress test to make sure heart was okay . May be related to your heart problems ?

  • I have excessive sweating, doc had me get stress test to rule out heart problems

  • Not sure joint pain is Fibro. Soreness, trigger points, widespread pain, fatigue, restless legs are my major complaints.

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