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Yahy I have finally had my brown envelope and after asking for the second time for a re consideration they have decided I can be placed in the support group from the wrag group. As I was on the contributions esa and had been on it more than 12 months my money had stopped at the end of april, so now I get my money back yippee doo!! Not only that they are going to back date it til then, even better news. I can feel the stress leaving my body as I type not having to worry how we will survive with me loosing my money, this is the best news I've had in a very long time. My message to everyone is don't give up the fight to what you are entitled to, even though it is stress that we should not be having to deal with, gentle hugs to you all Hilly xx

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  • Well Done Thats Fantastic news,

    so happy for you Hilly :-) love and gentle hugs xxxx

  • Thank you jayjay xx

  • wow that's fantastic Hilly. Well done! Now you can get on with life, knowing you've had some good news and can concentrate on enjoying life as best you can.

  • Brilliant News Hilly. I only hope and pray that we sufferers all receive the same

    positive outcome.xxxxxGentle Hugs!!!

  • Gentle hugs, Hilly!

    Such fantastic news! Well done girl!

    It took me 2 years to get my DLA - after appealing just once - and though it was backdated - they made me wait a further 3 months before paying me - the stress o wondering WHEN they finally let me eat -let alone pay my bills etc., was making me so ill. There was uproar over it and they've promised as soon as I'm given the yes vote in future, it get my money withing 3 days. They kept their promise - so far!


    Carol xx

  • fabulous x

  • Great news :) xx

  • Thank you for your lovely comments, I just hope everyone else who is fighting to get what they deserve gets the outcome I have, i have my fingers crossed for you all xx

  • i went to my job centre for an appointment with my "advisor",and for once they were on my side.she was appalled that i was on wrag instead of support group, i must admit i did not fully understand the difference,so she explained and advised me to appeal.so i filled out appeal forms and yet again photocopied numerous docs letter etc,before you new it i had a phone call from esa, telling me that i did not need to go ahead with my appeal, and that i had been put in the wrong group and should have been on support group from beginning. buut was told that i would be going for yet another dreaded medical[im in bits now just waiting for letter] asked for doctor who was knowledgeable/compassionate to fibro,she said that wasnt up to them?? but to tell atos thid when they make appointment.soooo ive invested in tape recorder,and am taking this to medical with me,i believe that as long as i make them aware at medical that there will be no problem using the tape ??does antone know if this is correct? just sick of all the lies atos write on their forms. would be grateful for any input.

  • FAB, that's great news. I'm dreading the brown envelope arriving, so good to know there is hope. X

  • well done hilly,i am waiting for my appeal ,and hopefully will get my date very soon,when i went down to job centre and saw the lady when i was put in the wrag group she told me to appeal also! so i did ,my partner is my carer and has to take me,also i have a repesentative from a union i am in also,i just want it over and done with now,whe nyou want the brown envelopes to come,they don't! so glad it went ok for you!!

  • That's brilliant news. I'm so happy for you and esp that you feel your stress has been reduced take care xxx

  • hoi did you say that you asked for a reconsideration to look at yr report again,ive been told over the fone as i didnt receive any leter telling me what group i was going in i had to ring as i am going up country on sunday for a month to vist my family.........they said i was in the work related group and i could apeal.....i dont know how to apeal or what to right on it......she didnt tell me that i could have it looked at agin........im changing from incapacity to e.s.a. any help would be gratefull......xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • sorry that ment to say hi, not hoi

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