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Not been great

Hi everyone, Been feeling very fatigued and shaky for a few days now. What causes the shakes? Internal body feels shaky but particular shakes in my hands. Does anyone else get this? Was lovely having the hotter weather although I didn't sit in it for any legth of time. Have been very cold since the weather changed last night and not getting any hotter today.

Hope we all have a relaxing and comfortable evening.

Take care everyone x

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hi lv,i get the internal shakey feeling and my hand are alway shaking(dont know what causes it tho).its been red hot toady where i am in leeds...i dont do hot weather lol,lv fm me :).



I also am in Leeds x


Hi, i get the shakes too. Got worse these last couple of weeks.

Its not been to hot here in Kent. Hug & love to you. Helen xxx


Hey there Karen,

Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well recently. I get the shakes too. The shakes at at their worst when I'm feeling weak and tired. Stress and lack of sleep also bring them on- as well as hunger.

I dont know the root cause of it tho- I think its something to do with the nervous system. I know the nervous system is linked to stress which causes shakes. People also get shakey hands when theyre in pain. Also think the hot weather makes it worse- and its been boiling recenty. I'd better stop talking because otherwise I will ramble on (bit of a habit of mine).

Feel better soon and take care.

Gentle hugs, wanderingwallflower xx


Hi Karen,Funkyfairy has beaten me to it,but yes hunger can cause that feeling.

I read somewhere that people with fibro and cfs need to eat little and often.

And not too much sugar as that will just make the shakes worse.

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxx


Hi, I used to have the shakes a lot, but has improved since I have built up my stamina after swimming and power walking in the pool. Maybe a coincidence, but after a bad flare up and I have been bed ridden it can occasionally come back. Hope this helps, it can be quite scary at first, but you should mention it to your doctor if it carries on. X


Hi guys, Thanks for all your replies, just sometimes feel like I am going off my nut! New symptoms and no answers, thanks again x


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