Will give this another go

I am somewhat reluctantly giving this site another go. I left because my blogs were being altered by admin and reposted under my own name. I have been assured it won't happen again, but my trust in this site has been destroyed. However, one more try but with close scrutiny.

Hope everyone is having a pain free day, I have missed you all.

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  • Welcome back! Any concerns, please bring them to me or another Admin.

  • HI julieru,

    Its lovely to hear from you, i am glad your back. :)

    I am not sure what has went on, but i hope it wont happen again and you stay. I didnt have this iste for two weeks and i really missed it but it has been a bit quiet lately.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • yes welcome back :) and like kel says it is a bit quiet xx

  • Hi Julieru,glad to see you back.

    I for one always found what you had to say interesting.

    And yes it has been quiet recently but I`ve put that down to everyone making the most of the rays LOL

    Love and hugs Butterfly 54 xxxx

  • Hi Julieru, good to have you on the site again, the weather has been glorious, it is cooling down now though, which is a nice change!!


    Sue x x

  • Hi, welcome back. Can I just say I don't understand why people don't use their real names. Am I missing something?

  • hi julieru i hope u stay on this site i find it brilliant just to be able to say how im feeling or giving some one else a bit of encourgement or advice or just speaking to others who no wat we r going through realy helps me x

  • Gee, what a waste of energy, so you had a few things altered whats the fuss? Why talk about it again if you want to enjoy this site do so without the comments.

    Everyone else seems to think this sites brilliant and want to keep things cool.

  • I don`t think there was any call for that hun.

  • exactly !!!!

  • What is that all about?????????????????? lol xxxxx

  • i know ! no need for it at all xxxxxx

  • Let's try to move on, okay everyone?

  • Actually lyndsey that is the point I was making! People have this habit of hanging on to things in their lives and then they wonder why they have so much pain and fatigue!! What is in the past can't be changed but we can learn from it. If we have Fibro its very important to move on and not harbour grudges as its a waste of energy.

  • Welcome back and hope thngs are Ok

    I have found this site excellent and havent had any problems

    so hope this will stay corrected for you

    All the best


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