DWP Disability and Fibro guidlines

As promised to Liz (think I have the name wrong - memory!) in admin I have taken the liberty of uploading the full dwp guideline for making decisions on disabled and/or Fibro clients. I have uploaded to this link you can pop into your browser or right click on it:


It makes for very annoying reading, I think 'incredulous' is the word but quite informative.

I myself worked in the industry for 4 years but never once did I treat a person like a number ... gladly, I am no longer in the industry.

I have had Fibro for approx 15 years and was officially diagnosed by my rheumatologist and will be having my second Lupus blood test soon & health has deteriorated badly over past 4 yrs, also a bunch of other health problems

Love to all


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  • Soz, not Liz but LibertyZ :-)

  • Hi

    Everytime I try to download this Internet Explorer shuts down can you publish some other way please or send a diiferent link

  • Sure no probs. In the morning though. In the meantime try opening the link using Google Chrome


  • Hi Mel it certainly makes for interesting reading perhaps it would be helpful if when completing esa forms appeals etc that we all refer them to their own document

    Fibromyalgia - Guidelines for the Disability Analyst


    Version 4 Final

    They can then of course ignoe it but we all may have a stronger case perhaps. Thank you again I have saved the whole document and will use it when my reconsideration fails - as it most likely will......XH

  • Hi XH, glad it helps. I certainly hope you won't lose your appeal.

    I hear that if you get the CAB to help they have a high success

    rate. Good luck!!



  • Hi all I've been appealing to be put into support group not back to work group , I've already had appeal 6 yrs ago for d.l.a, which was successful , it almost killed me !!!! I cried for days and was exhausted !!! I've not herd a word in months !!! I've not got the energy that I had years ago !!! I pray that I'm successful because I can't work. 13 yrs fibro all symptoms c.f.s. and lots of other ailments !!!!!! What ever happens I'm not the back to work person they wnt me to be !!!!! What happens to all of us that can't fight a system that's so unfair ????????

  • Thank you for the link to the download, mel-maelo. I didn't know about this 'guideline', but of course it must exist! Where did you find it? Do they have similar guidelines on other chronic conditions, too?

    I've downloaded it and will read it when my head is more able to take it in.


  • Thank you for the link. I Am so fortunate that I Am still able to work, albeit part time. I Am flabergasted by the document, especially after the last reference is dated 12 years ago. Time has moved on and I sincerely hope that the research that some of us are taking part in will lead to more substantial evidence of our condition.

    Atos is a shambols and the sooner they go the better, especially as GPs, rheumatologists, occupational therapists and social workers believe it is a true condition and not malingerers.

    Rant over


  • I had to fight for 18 months - 3 rejections before I took my agonized self to an attorney. He took one look at me and said "I'll take care of this. It is ridiculous". Of course it had to cost me $700 to do that.

    About the hair falling out! I experienced it four major times in my life and only last year got a major answer from the nurse practitioner at my GPs office. I only see her. Her mom has FMS/FAT First I saw a dermatologist, who sent me to another dermatologist. Then I went to a really well known dermatologist who told me I had extremely low iron. Well nice to know that, except if you specialize and make loads of money from cases where people are losing their hair, wouldn't you also know that if the primary ingredient needed to carry the iron called FERRITIN is low, your hair can fall out! She sent me to a hematologist and I had a series of infusions. They helped when all previous geniuses hadn't. Stay on these blogs - they are your lifeline.

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