I need some advice re hip replacement ops from people that have had it done whilst having Fibromyalgia please

Has anyone on here had a hip replacement while they have had Fibro? I am due to go in to have the first of my hips replaced probably this month. and could do with advice about how you coped please. Both hips are collapsed with OA and are very painful. It would be great to hear from somebody who has had experience of full hip replacement with fibro.

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  • theres is someone but i cant remember ,sorry someone will though xxxx

  • LOL thanks for that Lynz LOL. I got all excited for a minute then and thought someone was going to enlighten me lol. Hope you are having a good day and thanks for trying to think. I know what it is like when your head just fogs over. xxxx

  • i just searched "hip replacement " in there search bar and lots came up ,and wait fori t.............. it was sue247 if you put in her name in, it should come up with her and all her posts ,hope this helps hun xxxx

  • omg lol fibro fog or what lol but you get what i meen , :)

  • hope you can find her ,either that or put hip replacment in the search bar yourself and you will find her that way ,xx

  • Thank you so much Lynz. I have found her blog and have left her a question about it. I see she has had quite a difficult time with it. I did not know you could use search like that as I am new to the site and trying to find my way around. I will get there in the end lol. Once again thanks so much. Hugs xxx :-)

  • no problem hun ,glad it helped xxx

  • I had my hip replaced nearly 9 yrs ago now. It was well before I was diagnosed with FM, but I do believe I had it well before as my whole body was effected not just my hip.

    Not sure my experience will help you as mine although a total hip replacement, wasn't a standard one. It was my 6th major op on that one hip and there was already nerve damage caused from prev ops. So after I had it done I was in agony for days..... Now weeks and years. I already knew they would rid me of all the pain, nor it make me walk any better, but it did remove the pain of bone grinding on bone! I also was on crutches for about three months whereas many who have the op are down to just sticks in a matter of days.

    Everyone is different, but I wish you luck and I am sure you will be fine. Just make sure you speak to thei pain management team and express all your feelings and fears to them. Don't be frightened to ask for additional pain mess to get you through. Hopefully you will be unlike me and sail through it and it not effect your fibre too much.

    Take care xxx

  • Thank you so much for your answer Rozzyb. Oh my you did have a lot of trouble with that hip to have had all those ops on it. I know what it is like to be walking and grating and grinding and it is very painful. My hips do not even do that anymore as they have collapsed and being in a position where both hips are in a bad way is not the best situation to be in but heyho it is the one I have to get on with and I am sure you must have felt pretty much the same yourself when going through all the work on yours.. It will be worthwhile in the end to be able to walk eventually and hopefully without having to support myself through my arms and wrists to be able to get my legs to move at all. I will definitely discuss how they are going to help me with pain meds because of me already taking high amounts of morphine and eterocoxib. I am sure they will do all they can to help me but it is still that apprehension because of so many people who just immediately jump into telling me it will be easy and their friend had a new hip and was out of hospital and trekking the Andes the week after (Ok I lied about that bit but you know what I am getting at I am sure). I am sorry to hear that your op has left you still in loads of pain after all this time. I know that my body is starting to wear out with OA and that eventually it is going to be my knees needing replacing too as they are already on the way so I do hope the hips are a success and also I have also started awful pain in the last few weeks in my left shoulder joint and very painful at the top of my arm at the front of the shoulder and down my arm so I could do without having to put so much weight on it. I will report back as to how I get on with the pre-op assessment on Friday and may even write a blog on the whole subject if anyone is interested. I do hope that they will at some stage and asap find something to get you right out of the pain you are in.,,, Suzy xxx

  • Hi there, in case I miss any posts as I am still trying to find my way around, do keep us up to date with what they say,

    It really upset me for months as my recovery was well over three months and even some doctors and physics.... Who hadn't read all my notes assumed like everyone else that yes.. I should be climbing the Andries too... So to speak! It's done wonders for my confidence ! Not! It was towards the end of 2003 that I had it done, now I am 50 , I still think I'm too young to have the other one done. I hate beinging a pessimist but what happens if this one is no better and I am still feeling like I am now. No way could I cope with the little bit of energy that I have left... Fibro has robbed me of the rest. That along with having obstructive sleep apnoea... Likewise people say after they start the therpy with a CPAP machine their energy levels increase to normal.... Even that 4 months down the line, I am still feeling so tired, it's a vicious circle.

    Sorry to sound so down, I'm not having the best of days, gp has doubled the amount of lorazepam that I'm taking and it's zonked me out today. Hopefully once I'm used to it, it may help. Let's hope so.

    Sending you gentle (((hugs))) and hope you are able to enjoy the weekend

    Hugs Roz xxxx

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