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Can I have some mobility advice please?

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I currently walk with a stick because I am not too steady on my pins and my lymphoedema has weakened my left ankle very badly. Like many of you I am unable to walk much of a distance, even with a stick. I can still drive, but only for about 30 mins or so, before the pain gets too much. I am waiting for occupational health to come and do an assessment.

I would love to be able to browse in shops but I am lucky if I can make it through the ones I can right outside of, let along get to any others. I am a crafter and would love to go to the twice yearly craft show in Glasgow but I know I would never manage. I feel there are so many things I cannot do anymore and it is really getting me down, but losing my independance is the worst thing.

Is there anything out there that I could ask occupational health for, or buy myself, that will help me be a bit more independent?

14 Replies
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Hi Lruk I hope that you get the help you need to keep you as independant as you can be. would an escort to the craft show be any good to you?

I live in Glasgow if it was possible depending on when and my work commitment I could escort you but if you read my post you probably would not want me to escort you as I have fallen twice this year!!!!!

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Oh Bracken, what a lovely offer, you are so very kind. Sadly I would need more than an escort but thank you for offering. I haven't fallen, as yet, and I do hope that you have no more falls. Thank you again, Linda x

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Hi. Lruk i walk with two crutches and I'm seriously thinking of gettin myself a mobility scooter to help with my independence! I too am waiting on some advice from occ health regarding aids to help me! My husband does his best to take me shopping as I don't drive and couldn't because of my arthritis,fibro.I do use the supermarket scooters and mobility centres scooters within the shopping centres,but having my own might encourage me to get out and about this spring summer etc. why don't you see if you can get yourself one whether it be through your occ therapist or mobility? Best Wishes Jackiex

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Hi Lruk

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have been giving some thought to your question, and maybe real and genuine help for a day out would be good?

If maybe, you could get somebody to drive you around? somebody to help you then move around outside the car? I was wondering if you would consider a wheelchair for the day? Although many would not consider this, it could help you no end?

I genuinely hope that you can get what you really want, and what you really need my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi Lruk do you receive higher rate mobility at all?

If yes you could lease a mobility scooter or wheelchair from motability, alternatively there may be funding available through a local charity which you could apply for to help you purchase one.

Do you have a wheelchair service that maybe you could be referred to?

Hope you find a solution :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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Hi, I was in a similar situation as yourself and found a mobility scooter gives me a lot of freedom and independence. A lightweight/boot scooter that fits in the car would enable you to get round shops and exhibitions (although they're not so good outside on rough pavements etc). Lots of mobility shops have second hand reconditioned scooters. They also allow you to try the scooters out and lots of them will allow you to pay in installments. The other option that the OT may suggest is a wheelchair, but of course you will need someone to be able to push you.

Good luck finding the right solution to suit you and your needs xxx

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Thank you all, it does seem like a mobility scooter is the way to go. At the moment I don't receive any benefits, though I submitted a claim for PIP two weeks ago. You have given me much to discuss with the occupational therapists when I see them.

I have nothing against using a wheelchair but that would still leave me dependent on some one to be available to push me. I did consider a rollator, does anyone use one of these? I thought that might help as it would allow me to rest when I needed to and is a bit more portable than a scooter.

I need to change my car soon for an automatic so I will need to think about boot space for storing a scooter.

Thank you all again, Linda

in reply to Lruk

if you get mobility higher rate you could get a power chair rather than a self propelling one I did it's fanstastic :) xx

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Morning Lruk,

I see you are going to change your car for an automatic, I just wanted to say I did 6 year it is brilliant the best move ever. :)

Do apply for mobility it helps pay for either a scooter or petrol/diesel and every little helps these days.

I wish you lots of luck with your O.T they are so good and helpful.

all the best xgins

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Hi, you shouldn't worry that having a wheelchair means you need someone else to push it! Although it may be hard work in the beginning self propelling becomes much, much easier the longer you do it, even though yes the next day your hands and arms may flare up (if your fibro affects these areas, if not then yay even better!) and you end up with biceps like hulk hogan, but the independence you gain is so worth it and of course since you are sat it means your ankle will have time to recover for the drive home :) one other really great thing, it doesn't have to cost you a penny to get one, your gp can prescribe one to you so even if you wanted to get a scooter for longer shopping sprees etc. you can still use your wheelchair for your weekly shop to help let your ankle recover for the drive home, I know it seems like admitting you're weak or something but I'm only 36 and getting one a few years ago really was the best choice I could have made so please don't worry it'll open up the world to you again :)

Best of luck with it all


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Lruk in reply to ladysian

Thanks Sian, I have no problem using a wheelchair, it was simply the practicalities of it that would put me off. My hands are very weak due to the fibro so I am not sure how easy I would find it but I will do some research and see what I find. Thanks again, Linda

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How about getting a sholley trolley. My mum swears by hers, you can even get them with breaks on. You could then fill it up with all your lovely craft goodies.

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Hi glochessum, I had no idea what a sholley trolley was until I read your post and then googled it. They look super. I have seen them around but didn't know it was a special kind of trolley. If they had a wee seat on them they would be perfect! I will be giving a purchase of one of these serious thought. Thanks again, Linda.

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At the big craft fairs at the NEC they loan out the wheelchairs and scooters, plus they allow you to park in a car park close by if you have a disabled badge.

What crafts do you do? I love crafting, all sorts of things, there are so many new things to try. I would love to go to the shows too but i found them just too much for me. I cant cope with the crowds. I asked the social services wether there was any way i could get to the local craft shop, just to be amongst people i had something in common with, but it feel on deaf ears! :(

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