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Can't knock the NHS this time

I was referred back to the Fibro Consultant at Bath Rheumatic Diseases hospital by my previous Gp (I've moved now) because my pain was so bad. I thought that I'd be waiting months, but it was remarkably quick. The doctor was nice but not a lot of help, but he did refer me back to the coping skills course. Last week I had an assessment, but as I thought, there wasn't much point in me doing the course again. But the physio put me forward for at least 2 sessions of hydro pool (lovely & warm) he also said that since my gp isn't very helpful, he'd rush a referral through for me to see the OT at the hospital. Help at last!

I expected another long drawn out wait but I was offered my 1st hydro this week & I've got my OT appointment next week!

I'm amazed!

I'm not holding my breath as I've had my hopes raised too many times, but at least I've got my appointments.

If anyone gets offered the chance of using the hydrotherapy pool, take it. Even though I'm a non swimmer, I found it to be so helpful. I can't wait! The only problem is that I've got to take an hour on the bus, followed by a 15 minute uphill walk to get there.And the same to go home - rather defeats the object really.

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that's great news cobweb!

do you have dial-a-ride service? that's how I used to get to mine.

now I have the ambulance patient transport.




Dial-a-ride won't go into Bath centre cos of the traffic. I've askd about ambulance transport but it seems that you have to be close to dying to get any help around here. Ironically it's easier to get to the main hospital, even though it's only a couple of miles between them. Although it involves 2 buses at least you get taken right to the door. The rheumi hospital is difficult to get to without a car. I use shopmobility scooters sometimes but they close earlier than my appointments finish usually & I don't often take early appointments because my bus is only hourly & I have to be awake & able to walk to the bus stop & of course I daren't miss it or it's another hour wait & a missed appointment.

Oh I so wish that I could drive - but I'm dangerous on a mobility scooter, I'd be lethal in a car!


I'd get a taxi! Especially for the up hill stint.

Julie xx


What brilliant success hope you enjoy the hydrotherapy good luck xgins


so nice to hear a good experience of the NHS , i really fancy the idea of hydrotherapy but was only ever recommended swimming in ordinary pool in between the school lessons x


Hi Cobweb I was referred to Bath as well it took us an hour to drive there and then my husband couln;t park. He had to drop me off and go to park. Had I have been driving and went on my own I would have been in big trouble,as I could not have walked from where the car was parked.

The guy at the fibro clinic was great he realised I needed physio for my knees and help with my fibro, so he arranged for me to be transfered to Salisbury. (all very well,but 4 weeks later and still no referal letter from my useless Dr. ) It is further to drive but easier to park so gonna give it a try.

Do you have a leisure club near you or a spa in a hotel. They have 30+ degree's in the pool and jacuzzi and this helps. When I am well I go 3/4 times a week. It costs less in the long run ,I pay it from my DLA. I may have mentioned this yessterday not sure if it was you or not. Brain fog I am afraid!!!

I do hope you get on OK it is all very hard no one seems to make it any easier do they ?

Gentle Hugs :-)


Well it sounds as though you are getting the help you need and deserve. My GP is a darling in manner, but try getting a referral lol. As far as he is concerned the diagnosis of Fm was made over 20 years ago so no further input required. So now I am 'left to it' xxxxx


Enjoy your hydrotherapy ~ it must be a wonderful way to ease the pain and stiffness. Will look forward to hearing about how you get on. xx


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