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Well they say you should never make plans i was going to drive on my own to primark in Norwich yesterday i would have been about 2 and half hours mas as it is hour and half round trip , anyway took my little doggy up the road before i went i was only gone 10 mins but my mum and dad dropped off my shopping for me which they do every wed, anyway i called them to say thankyou and they said we are now off to norwich for couple hours on the bus !!!!

thats funny i said i am now going there so they said comwe with us so i ended up using my free bus pass for the first time it was reallygood so relaxing but takes hour and five mins so i was stiff and seized up when i got there but just lseft my parents and got what i wanted then we had a sanwich for lunch and got on the bus home i was home by 2.30 and my sister asked if i could pick up her glasses in town so i thought i would do that too big mistake parked upo right in town qwith blue badge hobbled and got them but last night i was in agony all over still am but ther you go i had a nice day love to you diddle x

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Can't wait for my free bus pass! My parents go all over the place with theirs. Only worry I have is, I am so impatient that waiting for the bus might drive me potty!!! Also as I discovered while recovering from a Carpal Tunnel op 18mths ago, you have to watch how much you buy, as there is obviously a walk to and from the bus!! Unlike parking in my drive way! But certainly, as my panic attacks get more frequent when faced with driving, I may actually find it a great bonus.So role on May 2013!!! Best wishes Sue.


I've had my pass about 5 years or so (my mid 40's) - and used it a lot nipping to other towns around my area in Wales, but as the Fibro progressed, the pass is used mostly in my hometown just to get me from home to the supermarket or to my daughters home 8-9 miles away. that exhausts me as a round trip can take 3 hours plus and 2 buses there and 2 back - Zzzztime for me - To go around the towns as I used to? Would have me virtually comatose! But my pass is a godsend and on good days I might brave going further a-field - Panic attacks permitting of course!

Gentle hugs,


Carol xx



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