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iv been registerd as a physically disabled person by social services (local council) looking for advice pls

hiya can any one give me any advice please i recived a letter today fromm social servises saying with recent reference to my assessment i am witing to advise you that you have been registered as a phically disabled person with this authrity and my registration number is ***** well to me thats good news but i was wondering now i have that would i be able to get a blue badge and free bus pass to and also do you think this may help a little with my DLA application i sent of l;ast month i have phoned them and told them i want to add this onto my claim but they didnt say weather it would help or not just said they will put it with my notes ect thanks you for replying and reading : )

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Morning Lizzy that sounds good news and I cannot see why it will not help you with both blue badge and free bus pass. Infact everything :)

Good luck hun xgins


That registration number will help if you need to buy anything to help with your disability. I was given a little orange card showing my registration details some years ago by my local social services and I don't have to pay VAT at the disability shop... or when I bought my adjustable bed at a local furniture shop - which was a big help.


the VAT things it's great proof for, but for much else I have never come across anything. the job centres or unemployment offices used to give you a green card as it helped you get an interview for jobs that employers may not have given you the chance. certain size companies used to have / had take on so many disabled people but to be honest I think it's just a register that the local authority keep, if they have a certain amount of disabled people on their books it would mean they got more help from the government ... that's not saying we'd see any of the help, but they need to know what they have in each area to assess monies allocated. this is what I was told years ago, I can only assume it still stands.

similar reason why they ask this info on the census for too, to make sure each area is 'adequately' quoted for!


hi ,how were you assessed as disabled.what dis have you got,i'm curious ,because i'm having a stairlift and wet room through social,so does that mean i am registered as physically disabled,loads o f interest jacksiex.


I would be interested which your local authority is lizzyecs. The reason I ask was because having a register of disabled people was disbanded many years ago, so if your local authority is still keeping one it is very unusual and could in some disability rights sector as discriminatory.

Anybody else in different authorities who receive a service, blue badge, etc are held on a system with many others, including older people, children, carers, etc and the dwp have contacted us in the past to see if individuals have a service from us.

If you cannot walk far and have other mobility needs, you should apply for a blue badge and if you are having a service already, it may help your application.


I looked into this Jom bearing in mind all you say and my County Council registers people as disabled and when registered they are given a yellow card, take a look at the website -

It would be interesting to see what happens in other areas, but this is current in my area.


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