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I hate shopping trips i really do i just like going in and getting out i am not one for trying things on i go in shop pick item and pay and get out lol .

oh well will deideif i wanna go to norwich to go to Primark or got to Yarmouth and go to Matalan i dont know ???? trouble is i cant really drive that far and Norwich is quite a trelk for me

Desions decisions lol

oh well i hopoe you have got lots of nice plans for todaty ?

love to you all Diddle x

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hi diddle so long as you are going out and enjoy yourself that is what counts have lovely day love beth2 x


hi diddle i'm like you hate shopping trips, especially clothes shopping. Even if its just for an hour i'm absolutly worn out and hurting like hell by the time i get home


Have a lovely day and dont over do things I have never been

to yarmouth live in yarmouth on the isle of wight but no shops


buy yourself some thing nice and have a cup of coffee and a slice

of choc cake



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