Typhoon Force - Experience the power of the RAF’s newest frontline Typhoon jet

Imax cinema - The difference between the IMAX Experience and watching a film at a conventional cinema is the feeling that you don't merely watch a film - you feel as if you are actually there - inside the human body, fighting for survival in Antarctica or plunging into the depths of the sea. (taken from museum website)

Code breakr is an exhibition developed by the Science Museum to celebrate the centenary of the birth of this pioneering British figure. Alan Turing is most widely known for his critical involvement in the codebreaking at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.

3D: printing the future - Find out what 3D printing will do for you

Making the modern world - 150 of the most significant items from our collections from 1750 to 2000, you’ll find such iconic items as Stephenson's original Rocket locomotive, Babbage's Difference Engine No. 1 and Crick and Watson's DNA model.

Who am I? invites you to explore the science of who you are through intriguing objects, provocative artworks and hands-on exhibits. Discover what your voice sounds like as a member of the opposite sex, morph your face to see what you’ll look like as you age, or collect DNA to catch a criminal in our brand-new interactive exhibits,

The science and art of medicine - The history of medicine across the world and across cultures

Health Matters - How medical science has changed the way we experience medicine

Glimpses of Medical History - How it felt to be a doctor or patient in different times and cultures

Shop - The Museum Shop sells gorgeous gifts and much more..........remember there isn't that much room on the bus

Deep blue -A family restaurant serving meals prepared on the premises - nom noms!

Well have a browse and see which bits you'd like to see and remember........ I can't hold everyone's hand :D

XXXZEBXXX see you all in the morning :D

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  • Would you mind if I hopped in the coach after my bath, this evening, just to make sure I'm not left behind, or right behind for that matter. I can lie on the back seat and then move forward to baggsie the best seat on the coach , not in any way selfishly tho ;-)

    Just don't want to miss the fun even if I'm a tad on the quiet side :-)

    Furtively Fun loving Foggy x

  • it does say am Foggy LOLOL ok if you want to


  • On it flat shoes ..loose knickers ... cotton bra ...loose maxi dress ... noms noms for all on bus packed ...... I want Zebs hand asked first ... :D hehehehehe .......deep blue restaurant intersting :) .....helmet for jet experience packed... want to play cops and collect DNA.... coming early ..... ooooooooo what will 3D printing do for us O.o .... :DDDDDDD

    hugs xxxx

  • Hi Foggy how r u feeling ? xxxxxx

  • A tad better thank you Morwenna, how about you?

    Foggy x

  • It soud so brilliant Zeb . Thanks for all your research. Can I baggsie front seat please. I will be there with lemonade and cakes xxx gins

  • Of course you can! .............. nom nom, gins will have cake.......boinging happy :D


  • I going to bed now so I can be up early to catch your magic bus :) Night ight all my Fibro friends may you rest well xxgins

  • on a serious note - they hope to be able to 3d print new joints, inc hips, in the near future!

    I'll meet you there!

  • I thought that may tweek a few people into coming :D

  • I'm here already, where have the rest of you got too? I'm off to play at being an astronaut - do you think anyone would mind if I climbed on the pretend moon landing site?

  • Hi Lucy

    I suppose and trust that you and foggy have been behaving on the coach last night and not discussing possible pranks LOLOL


  • Awww zeb iam excited! But I think I might get lost in there :( This reminds me of going on a school trip,I shall be turning up in pigtails and full school uniform hehe :D

  • I can imagine that :) heheh!


  • Right here iam.....walks up to coach wearing short black skirt,school blouse tied up round the middle,black knee high socks and high heels with hair in pigtails and bright red lipstick......looking rather like a school girl from st Trinians hehe:D oops,iam rather early,enough time for a quick fag behind the coach :D

  • heheheh! :)


  • Where the heck is everyone?I think iam going to have trouble in these high heels today....hiccups......wobbles over to the coach.....can anyone give me a lift up onto the coach please?? :D

  • I think everyone's decided not to bother Haribo quite sad :(

    Well Gins is manning the coach over there so shall pop back to see if there's any new arrivals are you joining me?

  • Yep zeb,I shall join you.Hope some peeps join us as was looking forward to this :(

  • Hi haribo there you go, Dee giving haribo gentle push, whoops I think I may have pushed too hard sorry hairi I ....Deex

  • Thanks for the push dee...ends up in a pile on the floor :O just a bit too hard though! Where do you get your strength from dee? :D

  • Just had a bottle of lucazade cranberry revive energy lol xx

  • Well I must try some of that! You have remarkable muscle strength for someone with fibro :D

  • wow that sounds lovely must keep an eye out for that me thinks :)

  • Do I keep having to go out of here then back in again to see if there are any replies ??? Dee x

  • Calling morwenna and lucyhobbit.........are you there???We need you on the coach now........ :O

  • Sorry I decided not to bother with the coach, I don't live far so I took the tube.

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