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I commented on a question about hydrotherapy. My comment is below. Not sure if i'm allowed to make this offer, if I'm not someone please tell me. It's just that I've been going for about 2 years and it really helps. as stated below, I just want to help out if I can. xx

"It's soooo wonderful. I actually pay for my time in the pool myself. They're only charging me £15.00 a month. The reason I went this route, instead of NHS, is because it's walking distance from my house. Sometimes I still I have the pool to myself, 3 times a week, for an hour each time. They are also kitted up with winches, if someone needed them. It's a school, that caters to to abled and disabled kids.

I do my stretches and some laps. I also just float sometimes. It's great. There is a changing and shower area.

As a matter of fact, I can bring up to 6 people with me at no extra charge. If anyone lives near Canary Wharf and is interested, let me know. There's only one downside. The time allotted to me is from 7am to 8am. I'm used to it now. The days I chose are M,W & F. But this week for instance, I wasn't feeling up to it on Monday so I went today, Tuesday.

I am sincere about the offer if anyone is interested.



I live on the Ilse of Dogs. like I said, if i'm not supposed to make this offer, please tell me.


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gosh wish I lived up your way I would certainly join you!! I do go to aquafit 1xweekly which is in a sailing club pool so temp is about 30 but need to wear a wetsuit! I just go at my own pace & feel so much better for it. Its so nice to float around in water & be free to move!!! enjoy your hydro xx


Thanks, I will. It does feel great, you're right.As you chat with folks, maybe you can pass my offer to someone in need. chat later x



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