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I am totally worn out went to walk my dog on the beach this morning for half hour with partner hen went to town with him to get new trainers we were out 2 and half hours then my daughter asked me to go see my other daughter with her so luckily she drove but i had had enough already but went and saw her and my 2 grandsons for 2 hours then had to pop back home and get an item to take back to argos then had a really lovely hot bath and got my feet up now with my heat and massage pad on and my feet are killing me and i have got to cut my partners hair when he gets here so hopefully he wont be too long i have been up since 4 am and so no wonder i am tired !!!

it has been a beautiful day here today too really warm and sunny

love to you all Diddle xxxxxxxx

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Wow Diddle warm and sunny !!!!! I am so envious we have had grey skies, rain and cold brrrr had the heating on a while. I wish it would buck its ideas up I am sure we would all feel marginally better with blue skies and sunshine!

Take it easy now Diddle.


Sue x x x x


Diddle it is great to hear that you are nearly back to your old self take it easy and enjoy the rest of your night, sending gentle hugs Violet


You managed an awful lot Diddle, make sure you get lots of rest tomorrow and look after yourself. You will need to slow down a bit for a couple of days to recharge your battery, don't overdo it! We had a lovely sunny warm day today too here on the South Coast, it's amazing how therapeutic a bit of sunshine can be! :) :)


It's been warm and sunny here too...need it to stay for a couple of days!

Glad you're well now x

hugs x


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