Saw my G.P. on Friday afternoon and she was very concerned about how things were with me since my last consultation. My blood test results were back and white blood cells are still very low.

However I have been having really painful headaches, blurred vision and stumbling, so I have an urgent referral to see a Neurologist on Monday 21st May. Then I need to have another blood test to see if I a defficient in B12 or folates.

Not a happy bunny.


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  • Thankyou x x x

  • Oh dear, it's easier said then done but try not to worry x

    I had a lot of headaches and was totally brain fogged, turned out I was deficient in B12 now have injections every 3 months xx


    Jax xx

  • Thankyou, yes my G.P. said that is what I may have to have.

    Fingers crossed x x x

  • If it is B12 deficiency it is at least treatable and they are taking steps to put things right. I suffered from awful headaches for about 12 months. When i saw my neurologist he told me to come off tramadol. (just in case you take that too) and I decided to try cutting out all caffeinated tea/coffee and within a week my headaches were almost non-existent. I limit myself to a couple of cups of tea each day - I wondered if fibro makes us more sensitive to the side effects of caffiene?

  • (((big gentle hugs)))

  • Hugs back x x x x

  • xx

  • I had the same regarding blood cells but not bad enough to be treated! Different GP's have asked me also how many units of alcohol I drink! Felt like some alcoholic as I do drink but hardly any really a week. Also go through what seems like weeks of getting headaches/migraines.

    Hope you get something sorted

    Take care

    Sharon x

  • Thanks Sharon x x

  • Doh that should read Referral at the top. fibro fog obviously!!!

  • hugs to you. hope you feel better soon hun. xxx

  • Sorry to hear about that soulsusie, my blood is always off the mark too but my doctor wont treat it until I get further tests at the hospital, my son who is a nurse, told me (he's in the U.S), to start taking some iron tablets, that I don't have to wait, for the doctor to tell me, (I caught a virus last March after a bad throat and chest infection, and with infllamation in my wrists and knees, but developed Fibromyalgia from it, so I had 2 medium strength virus's in my blood for a long time, and low iron and amenia, so because of my diverticular disease, my doc has applied to the hosp for me to get that more or less seen to, or should I say eventually seen to after the do all those tests they do, plus I got an appointment in the post for the radiology clinic for a barium enema ! sorry sp., so I hope you get your blood sorted, gentle hugs Claire xx

  • Hi susie, after one round of blood tests which my GP does about every 6 months because I am hypothyroid. The lab actually wrote to the practice to say my B vits were so low and I have been on Thiamin and Folic Acid every since. After a course of B vit injections. Hope this does the trick for you.

    I'm not sure GPs are expert enough in understanding blood work results. They do have to cover so much and can't possibly be expert in them all.

    I am afraid on the negative side, three years ago I pointed out a lump in my left breast to my then GP who pronounced it normal menopausal changes - first time she had every seen me never mind examined me. Three years later on routine screening, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (I think you knew that because you replied to my initial post when I let it all hang out - sick whippet type joke).

    Whippet x

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