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Today my partner and i are taking my doggy to the beach then coming back and popping into town together as he needs some new trainers for when we go to London next Sunday (woo woo) .

Then i got to cut his hair with clippers and pop to see my parents for a bit so that is my day sorted i will be like a dish rag by the time day is done i am aching all over already but chuck some meds down my neck lol and soldier on as we do

I hope that you all have a lovely day planned and i will pop back later x

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Not sure who is getting hair cut with clippers, partner or doggy. But hope it looks good when its done xxlol


lol partner ha ha he commented when he looked on floor looks like a lot of grey in there now used to be all black ha ha , the doggy can wait few weeks before he has his hair cut love to you diddle x


Have a great day hun. hug & love to you. Helen xxx


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