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Hi there, I'm sure this has been mentioned before but is there a group on here, or anywhere, or anyone on here that does not have a chronic pain condition but has a loved one who does? I try really hard to communicate how I feel with my husband but I do feel like if he could talk to someone else who also has a wife with fibromyalgia it may be supportive for him. A partners for the fibro fighters group! x

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  • Tough one that. On the pain management course there was a session where family and friends could tag along. Have you asked the GP. Good luck with your search.

  • Hi charlie9

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have pasted you a link below to HealthUnlocked Community listing page whereby you can search for all the communities.

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • If there isn't I think you should start one :)

  • What do you mean start another site to talk to partners I think our partners are fed up with talking I illness best to talk between ourselves Iv got a really good friend on the site I talk too and we help each other out with a lot of things such as foods to eat , medications and genial ideas to help with the pian

  • No, I mean start a group for people who also have partners with a chronic illness. To get the support you need or just help others.

    All the best

  • I think it would be a good idea , I know that my partner gets stressed over my illness and pian but I don't think she would talk to another per on about it I know that the new RLS site looks like to be a semi chat line like what your saying I'm a member of this foram Nd the RLS foram I do get a lot of help from one person on the RLS foram and so far people on this foram as you seem very kind Trpuble is I'm a bit out spoken and I get my self into trouble so I don't normally say too much , but at least you answerd me thanks x My spelling is bad tonight sorry

  • Aw don't worry about spelling I know it can be hard when yout don't feel great I'm the same !

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion :) that's the way I see its likely that one thing I think would work for me will be different for others. You can say what you like x

    Maybe if you tell your wife you want her to talk to someone she might consider it, just an idea also check for fibro support groups in Your area that could be a way for your wife to meet otherpeople in the same situation as most people bring their partners or a friend depending on the group I guess. Hope that helps and wish you both all the best x

  • Hiya my husband also has fibro and lupus it feels some time like living with some one with dementia when he gets a bad flare up he ask s me the same question over and over,can t remember who he spoke to yesterday,and would watch the same film night after night as he don t remember seeing it.Also he gets angry very quickly is any ones partner like this ,i could do with talking to some one whose husband has fibro.

  • I think it can be very hard on our partners and they deserve support too.

  • Yes I agree with that my wife finds it hard and I know others who's wifes and husbands find it hard too But only you really know what you feel like no one else not even the doctors do really , all it is more pills and more pills

  • I agree, I too find it difficult to explain to my husband how I really feel and he doesn't seem terribly interested in finding out more about the condition although he is kind. I feel guilty for no longer being the person he married and think it would be helpful for him to talk to other husbands.

    The NHS produce a leaflet give to family and friends to help with their understanding but something more comprehensive would be useful. The frustration is that one looks so normal and people find it hard to believe that one feels so wretched.

  • I know exactly what you mean and you can get attached to people on any of the foriams I'm lucky Iv got a few friends and one person who is a great help to me

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