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It had to happen sooner or later!!

well it's been while since I've had such a bad's 5.11am and I've been awake most of the night. Not sure it's down to fibro tho? Been having some bowel problems and been having he most awful pain in my very lower back/ bottom area really. Its so hard to know if the two are connected or not. I don't see how they cant been!! went to docs yesterday and been referred back to hospital, I know from previous that I have polyps in my bowel so who knows maybe its a problem with this.

Anyhow got my heated beanie pad and my extra cocodamol, looks like Saturday will be a long day.

I've left my poor hubby in bed to try and get some undisturbed sleep for a point in 2 of us being knackered!!

Hope you all had a good night


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LOl good morning it could have been me just wrote that ha ha how strange i got up at 4 am and had awful day yesterday with ibs i had to make sure i was near a toulet it was awful and pains in my back had awful sleep well cant really say i had a sleep jus dropped off on sofa all evening then got to bed and had about hour and halfsleep !! arghhhh i looking at my little goggy all curled up on the chair i wish i could sleep as soundly as that

so you are not alone blesss you i was then going to write a blog and saw yours and thought how weird someone is now doing the same as me ???? it is strange isnt it ???

love to you now going to get some fresh air in my lungs take my doggy to top of the road love diddle xxx


Morning Diddle, It's a funny old world out there, just when you think that theres only you.......

My little doggie is curled up next to me too.....if i'm up he's up, he goes where ever I do bless him, great company arent they.

Hope you have a good day

Jaxx :) xx


Hi both of you I was up early to with L/B pain I left my wife sleeping not disturbed hope you two have a better day soft hugs ))) Allan xx


Hi sorry to hear of u poor night. I too have pain - do u have to race to toilet but not diarrhoea ? Pain goes all down legs?


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