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I had my 2 yearly eye test yesterday i told the lady my near distance had gotten worse ie packets and small print i also told her i had fibromyalgia

she done all the tests and thankfully my eyes were really healthy at the back they take a pic of them now it looks like a planet in outer space and keep it on file so when you go back in 2 years they can look at it to make sure no damage has occured

anyway my distance vision and driving telly vision is fine it is just reading and close work so picked some new frames which was funny she said my head was so little she had to bend the arms at a 90 degree angle to go round my ears so she said did i want some kids ones ?/

i had a look but didnt fancy barbie or ben 10 lol no only joking they didnt really have any i liked so stuck with the ones i picked and will be picking them on friday

I have really been sorted out this week i had my eyebrows and nails done on monday i had my hair cut on tuesday i had my eyes tested wed i am having DLA forms done today and i am dying my hair (arms permitting) lol on friday and having new carpet laid in bathroom . wow ! and best of all it has all been FREE so cant grumble at that as my sister is a beuatician and has her own beauty room my parents paid for my hair and my carpet and eye test is free anyway as on income support !!

oh well i am off now but will def be back later to let you all know how i got on today

love to you all Diddle x

love Diddle xxxx

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i just had to get reading glasses...same as me i had to choose a child pair as my face is so small....i wouldn't be with out them now...

it always make me feel better when i have my hair done...:)

hope you have a painfree day

love bean xx


Sounds like a good time in all then!

I work at Specsavers and most of my specs are from thr teen section!

Have good day

Sharon xx


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