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pain in chest

grandson came to stay today, decided to combine resting with spending time with him today. Went upstairs to do a dolphin jigsaw, then i started to get really sharp pains in my chest, asked him to get granddad as i was so worried. BUT (and i know that is bad english) he decided that it would be fun to keep coming back upstairs to ask me why i needed grandad. Well eventually granddad realised that i REALLY did need him, and he came upstairs and by that time the pain had stopped.

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any chest pain get straight to a&e better to be safe than sorry

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me to angied thats what i would do asap x


hi sharon

i suffer with chest pain aswell,been to a&e many times cause of this pain but mine goes into my back and goes up in my jaw have had my heart tested and all is fine,the doctor as said its part of my fibro,even now i still go to a&e to be on the safe side,next time you get a pain i would take a trip to the hospital xx


I also have had chest pains,so bad you can't move, and it travels into left arm and jaw. I called the doctor as I am on my own and don't drive, he said it was muscle spasms in my chest muscles and not to panic!! ok for him.... Take care, luvnhugs xx


I too have been having chest, arm and jaw pain. I was rushed to hospital but tests said no heart attack. But it is very worrying.


If anything more serious has been ruled out and the symptoms don't fit costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs and breast bone), then consider getting checked out for myofascial trigger points. They can cause this kind of pain pattern and whilst they are a common problem with Fibro, they need different treatment. You don't just have to live with this issue.


thank you LindseyMid i'll look into that



thank you all for your kind comments. I have had my heart checked out before, the doctor thinks that I have now got arthritis in my breast bone. Everytime I go to the doctors I always seem to come out with something else!!!

love to all

Sharon xx


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