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Well long time no speak hope all behaving


Hi everyone

My apogolies not been around although I have been popping on fb some evenings .

At moment things have been very busy and bad days/ decent days

I am away at moment in cleethorpes seasides resort and thought I would give you some sunshine as everyone in bed even though I was latest to bed and up earliest because every bit that could ache n be stiff could be as well as the squeezing feeling in my right leg and breathing its not very amusing when it's so beautiful but who cares the sun is for enjoying .

Hopefully a picnic on the beach :-) with sand included .

It was packed yesterday barely a space and nowhere as nice as today so better wake everyone up ohhhh yeahhhhh hehehe xxx

Please don't think I have abondonded ship as much as some of us fade away or are not even noticed as names are not seen regular and I am worst for this because If something is not a constant reminder I am very forgetful . Xxx

All my fairy love

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hope you feel better soon take care

love beth x


Nope I refuse to behave :D

aberc in reply to Hidden



Sounds lovely. Hope you are enjoying the change of scenery. Take care x

Have some fish n'chips and an ice cream for me - essential food for the seaside experience! :)

Moffy x


Just enjoy the mournful cry of the seagulls and the outraged cry when they steal your food and crap on your head as a gesture of thanks. I am green with envy love the sea. Enjoy

How wonderful sun sea and sand to hand and ice cream fish chips. Hope you have a wonderful time and you have more good than bad times! I am waiting to leave for Brittany and a boating holiday fingers crossed should be marvelous. As long as no one falls in :) Oh I shall laugh naughty me.

Enjoy hun hugs ((((((((())))))))))) xgins

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