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Just wanted to say hi as I've just joined. Im a 35yr old mum of two and i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 5yrs ago. as time goes on i seem to struggle more and more and everything seems to clash with my fibromyalgia. all Im taking is paroxetine and i can't take anti imflamortries or coding as they make me ill. sometimes i feel like Im going mad as its hard for anyone to understand xx

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Welcome, iv had this for ten years its trial and error with meds im on fluoxetine and co codamol iv tried everything to make this go away keep looking you will get some good advicesnd info on here ur not aloone x



hi spurs I was recently new to this site, but oh how welcoming everyone has been. i have got up as i was sick of grying to sleep because of the pain, feel like no one lese only sufferers understand. We are all here to support you and i have had so much support do not feel alone anymore so welcome angie webb


Welcome, you have definatly came to the right place, as we all understand. :)

Its so hard when you have kids, i have three girls and i used to be supermum. Not now.

There a quite a few people on here that cant take many tablets due to them making you ill. Maybe if you asked a question about tablets people will give you advice.

Hugs, kel xxxx


hi ya i've also only joined today, but have been reading blogs for a few weeks, so plucked up the courage to join. im nearly 46 and feel ive had fibro since my 30's but it was'nt until this year that i moved and found a new doctor who has sent me to a consultant, this has made me feel so much better, as i felt i was complaining about how i felt but nobody listerned, they just thought i was a hypo, even now most family and friends don't understand but at least i do and i'm getting some help, doesnt make the pain and tiredness go away but it has a name and its real.

nice to meet you both pam xxxxxxx




Welcome to Fibro Action Spurs

all the best to you



Welcome spurs8r,

Have been with the group a few weeks now. Was Diagnosed with Fibro around 6-7 years ago - but have been suffering well over 38 years. Am 50 now, and it does not get any easier that's for sure :-(

Gentle hugs,

Carol xx


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