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Tell me has anyone had good news about their ESA or DLA ??? I'm still waiting for mine and I'm dreading it!

Every blog I've read is about how everyone is being turned down for their benefits, I've been on incapacity for 15 years on and off (wish that wasn't true) and I think its time we scream DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION to the ATOS head office not just appeal, we are been targated.

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Hi Blue Bunny I am about to have my ESA assessment on the 21st of May and like yourself I am dreading it, I posted a rant a week or so ago suggesting we as individuals should collectively write to Chris Grayling MP and Head Boys at Atos with regards to this unfair assessment (the majority of us were awarded the benefits indefinately) and I for one believe the decision should be upheld. What about our Human Rights????? If I am turned down I definately intend to appeal and intend to ask my MP to help fight my case and earn his dollar!!!!!

Anyway I hope you are successful in your endevour!!!! Gentle Hugs.xxxx


ive got put in the top support group for indefinate period, and low rate care and high rate mobility for indefinate period.

so i think its only negative posts that get put on here not positive xx


Hi I can tell you after appealing etc; I did win and have high rate mobility and low rate care but I don't just have Fibro -i have 8 disablitating conditions

its the way of the benefit system i'm afraid but you just have to keep battling and try to stay possitive hun

all the best & hugs poppy xx


hi bluebunny

i had DLA and ESA stopped after my esa assessment in October iwas given 0 points luckily for me i have my wonderful husband to fight for me he contacted my gp got a supporting letter a copy of esa report which was so wrong she ignored or twisted what my daughter said she also had comment which were not even related to me (wore both my hearing aids threw out my assessment i am not deaf and dont have hearing aids and made a comment about my asthma medication i do h ave many conditions but astma is not 1 of them ) my husband wrote a long pointing out all the lies i was awarded highest mobility and lowest care for DLA.and esa work capability then a weeklater a letter arrived saying ESA was stopping because i have been on it 385 days and change in the law that is all u can have it for i have been on it for 2 1/2years

we are now appealing i should be in support group and got local mp involved

sorry this is so long please do not give up get as much support as u can u and keep fighting

gentle hugs



I am on high rate mobility and high rate care indefinately for my fibro and hypermobility.. i am on ESA yet i am still on Incapacity and waiting for that dreaded brown envelope

Love Kelly xx


I am on high rate mobility and medium rate care indefinately after a medical a couple of weeks ago decided that I was indeed on the right rates. Unfortunately I have been put in the working activity group for ESA having been in the support group hence I have asked them to look at this decision again...I was awarded 18 points where I believe I needed 19 to stay in the support group and get the benefit.

I hasten to add Fibro isn't my only disability. I hate getting brown envelopes is such a stressful situation to be in and led to my being bedridden for a couple of days this week! That meant i missed my day at Uni too! I had so hoped to get 100% attendance this year and was so near the end too :(

Good luck everybody who is fighting for the benefits!



Hi all

I had my assesment last year it started with the usual filling in the giant form that was in may , i waited for a response that only took 3 months . In august i had a letter telling me i had to go to a medical assesment in hastings which is about 30 miles away from where i live. so end of august i went over to hastings paid £3 for parking then proceded to try and find the building i was having the medical in. If you know hastings its very hilly it was also pouring with rain and really windy which is no good for people with problems walking let alone adding fibro into the mix. So i found the building i was soaking wet and very windswept not to mention exhausted only to be told that my appointment had been cancelled. They phoned my house after i had left to get to my appointment. I was told i could wait arround for 3 hours and maybe get seen or i could go home and wait for another appointment. They would not give me the money back for travle or parking until i had seen their doctor. So i went home as you can imagin i was not a happy bunny . My next appointment was for the middle of september , same thing, went all the way over to hastings ,parked only to be told the same thing my appointment had been canceled again and that they had sent me a letter letting me know ( which i found on my door step when i got home a bit late i think) this time i managed to get their phone number so the next time i could give them a ring to make sure i wasnt canceled again. My next appointment was in the middle of october i phoned , was told to come over and actually got seen this time it lasted all of 10 mins . so in total i had traveled 100 miles and £9 in parking for a 10 min medical. On that last appointment when i finaly got seen i was waiting in the waiting room when another person came in who had also traveled about 30 miles she got told her appointmet had been cancled and she had not been told in advance either i warned her that this was my third attempt at getting seen. The thing that pissed me of the most was the fact that i have a disableing syndrome which is 24 hours a day 365 days a year of constant pain and discomfort to be told that my appointment was canceled because someone was of sick , they want to try living with this then they can have a day of sick. I got my results in december i was told i was goinng onto esa and i would need to go into the job centre on the 9th january to see an advisor . I went on the 9th had a chat with the girl in there who was going to phone me in a month to see how things are going with me ( im still waiting for that call ) all the time their not phoneing or writing i get to keep my benifet im not complaining. She did tell me i might have to have another medical later this year so thats something to look forward to. I hope this was of use to some of you i hope you all have a better time of it than i did.The one thing i will say is although im on employment and support allowance and groupe related activity im not forced into looking for and getting a job like you are on job seekers they know it is somthing that will take time to find anything that is suitable for me to do.

Good Luck to all who have not yet been assesed I hope this helps.


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