what a difference from last week

this time last week i was taking just my naproxan two per day and co-dydramol maybe twice a day ,now today im back on the dihydrocodiene ,diazapam ,paracetomol and naproxan ,heat bags on my legs and sholders and the fatigue is so bad i can hardly move and when i do move the pain in my legs and hips is horrendous ,

well hopefully it will have got a bit better tomorrow ,cause my hubby is back to work ,so everyone keep their fingers crossed for me :)

gentle hugs xxx

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  • I will keep my fingers crossed for you hun. :)

    I hope all this pain buggers off for you, Its so hard when you have little ones running around.

    Gentle hugs, kel xxxxx

  • poor you,i hope your pain eases quickly hugs xxfingers xx

  • thank you both :) xxx

  • hope you get on ok and pain goes love to you diddle x

  • bless you lynz, hope everything eases for you very very soon. soft hugs to you x

  • Hope you feel better soon

  • get better soon xx

  • thanks everyone :) xxx

  • Fingers and everything else crossed for you Lynz, hope you get to feel better soon. Love Angela xx

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