Good morning

It looks like today is going to be a beautiful day, got everything crossed, shall I take my 6 year old to the park swimming or a pj day I know swimming I will feel for days but it's so much fun when in the water. Never understood why I am in so much pain after xxxxx hope you all have an element of peace and another of fun I do hope that you get some smiles and less pain today hugs to you all xxxxxx

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  • I vote  for swimming.You said  it was going to be a lovely day.You will be glad you did....right?? Have fun.Peck

  • Thanks peck ki is pushing for swimming and I need the exercise spent too much time feeling sorry for myself can save that for tomorrow when I can't move lol xxxxxx well worth the fun tho lol 

  • Definately swimming but don't do too much to just walk in the water and let your 6 year old do all the work.

  • Hi

    I hope you both had a wonderful day

    Best Wishes Rose

  • We did pj s in the end it was too cold n raining for swimming n the longer we waited for weather to pick up colder it got grrrr there's soft play at Mirrian centre will take her there in morning so she can play xxxxx

  • I genuinely and sincerely hope that you had a wonderful day despite the rain x :)

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