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I am in such pain not sure if my weekend away was worth it

I went on

My weekend away to Benidorm only made up my mind on Thursday Night and i was leaving at 5 am Friday .it was warm but the foot path was so uneven the place was packed . The good thing was for anyone wanting to go the mobilty scotter are every where and cheap to hire . But i was to odd (is the word) to go hire one in case they thought i was having a laught . Apart from being very pale i look fine. All tbe walking i am so sore all over WAS it worth the pain????

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Aaaww I'm sorry for you, thats what I find the down side to my fm, I feel every time I have some fun, I have to pay for it, which is a shame.

I'm sure once the pain has eased off you start to remember the fun and good stuff you got up to

{{{ HUGS }}} Look after yourself xxx


thats the trouble isnt it every time we try to have fun the fibro hits us ,

well ihope you did have fun and it dosnt take too long to recover xx


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