Got the munchies!

I got the munchies tonight, craving really bad for chocolate so glad I had some in the fridge!!. I wish someone would invent a pill that would stop me wanting to each chocolate all the time, never had this problem until recently as I always preferred savouries.

Good night to everyone, hope you have a peaceful night and wake up refreshed and healthy.xx

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  • Funnily enough I was saying the same to my husband tonight...normally I'd go for crisps, but just lately have been craving chocolate...I have to be careful though as it gives me migraines!

    Sleep tight x

  • do you both take amiltriptyline by any chance ,since i started that all i want is chocky ! yum x

  • It just makes me fatter Anjie but when I gotta have it I gotta have it!! xx

  • i want sweet stuff all the time x

  • Get some Tunnocks Teacakes!!! Lol!! Hope you are well Love Della xxx

  • Gotta try those Della but not sure if they sell them in Wales!!.

    I'm taking Duloxetine Lynz, used to take amytriptyline years ago and can't remember them making me crave chocolate then. Have had three bars today already and I could eat more. Piggy or what xx

  • I'm sure they do!!! Hope they do anyway!! xx

  • love tunnocks too! but a little trick i find that helps is after ive had a few squares i clean my teath it really takes away the creavings also a piece of fruit does the same thing. I usually buy good quality dark chocolate as you can only eat a few squares of that at a time lol!

    Hugs poppy xx

  • Chewing gum helps until my jaw starts going haywire!! there is just no escaping it is there!! xxx

  • OH no Poppy, it has to be cadburys dairy milk!!. Have tried teeth cleaning and mints but once the craving kicks in I'm like a woman possessed lol xx

  • 85% dark chocolate is actually good for M.E. so I keep my supply of that it LOL. Its not as moreish as the real deal though.

    Its a real addiction at times....

    My dysfunctional body is craving the milk and sugar.....both of which create the toxins which are making me ill.

    I take 5HTP which helps with food cravings. It has to be taken INSTEAD of antidepressants etc though not as well as.

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