feel such a lightweight

attended a rememberance day march and service today with my partner who is a veteran who was injured quite badly and also suffers chronic pain. ten minutes into it fibro tiredness hit me .i felt so angry as it wasnt about YOUf fibro !it was about supporting my partner and paying my respects ,yet old man fibro had to raise his head big style >i of course did support and pay respect but for just half a day it would have been nice for fibro to hold a truce and take a back seat for a change! needless to say we got back home and i felt so exhausted and slept for one and half hour.i felt such a lightweight as my partner saw the day through without having to sleep .seriously fibro you pee me off!.

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  • Well done for sticking it out though denice. It can't have been easy for you but you managed to be there for your partner and I am sure that your company was appreciated. You showed your own bravery today and none of us on this site would call you a lightweight. Be kinder to yourself ;) All best wishes to you and hope you don't suffer too much tomorrow. Jane x

  • aw thankyou jane xx ohhh and i bet i will suffer tmoz but hey it was so worth it have pain clinic app tomorrow .bit aprehensive as ive heard its not that great from fellow sufferers so trying to get my assertive head on lol,,i just get fed up with the c.f.s it limits life so much but onwaaard :D MUCH LOVE XXXX

  • Well done Denice, your attendance says it all, I am sure this is a day we all support wholeheartedly.

    We must never forget the two World Wars and all the other wars and the effort and sacrifices along the way in order that we live our lives in freedom today.

  • indeed i totally agree ,thats why i got so angry with the fibro today .i just didnt need it to get in the way and having a flare right now and the tramadol withdrawal couldnt have come at a worse time but i did what i needed and wanted to do so thats a plus thankyou for your comment ,much love xxx

  • You did great Denice, you made a valiant effort and you made it! Make sure you rest tomorrow if you can, I think you may need it! Bless you and thank you on behalf of many of us who couldn't make it outside, many thanks! :)

    (((hug))) xxx

  • Morning and well done you, you attended paid your respects even if you had to retreat afterwards for a sleep. Rememberance day is a day when many tears are shed for lost compatriots across our country. I get so choked up when they all march past. So I think you did brilliantly and from one who couldn't go Thanks. Have a rest full day today .xgins

  • You did so well getting there and giving your support. We gave our support by buying poppies and wrist bands and we saw the service in tv xxxxx

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