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What made YOU decide?????

My gp recently mentioned to me about perhaps looking at benefits i could be entitled to having fibro to the extent i do. My hubby who is wonderful and understanding said that i should apply for DLA but not just for the money but the massive help a blue badge would be for me. I dont think im being stubborn but im not sure im ready for all that, from what i read on here, some of you are worse than me and i would feel like...i a fraud if you see what i mean? Maybe im just not ready to accept the extent that fibro has bighted my existance and my day to day living (if you can call it that sometimes!) My question is, to all those of you who made this decision.....what was the final straw that pushed you into this route (obviously financial in some cases,) but was there anything else? x

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hi i am 46n i have not worked since accident with backin 2007 and had fivbro about 2 years was too scared to go to doctor but was finally diagnosed in july 2011 the thing is i am on income support with a sickness top up and i have jus applied for blue badge and got it within 5 days had it a month now it has been a god send . i wen to my GP 2 weeks ago for routine check up catch up she is fantastic by the way so supportive which really helps anyway i suggested to her about applying for DLA and she said i should and to make an appointment with my local D.I.A.L as they help you fill in the forms so i did i am going on 21 may my parents are coming with mw too and so i will see how i gwet on i dont hold out much hope to get it as on here they turn down so many people some seem alot worse than i am like you some days you feellike a fraud but thats why i asked my gp if she had said no dont hold out much hope your mnot ready fro that yet i would have left it but she was 100% behind me so like i say will see but i think to myself i am gonna apply for these things as the worst they can do to you is say no and your not gonna be any worse iff jus the same as you were so i would look into things no harm in that the thing is you are married or with partner so ipressume he works so you may be entitled to different thingds to what i am on as i livbe with my 19 year old jus me and her but either go to local governmebt building ans ask or go on their website you can e mail them or call the main call centre that is what i would do as every case ids different few years ago my friend and i were in exactly the same position in every aspect yet i was on different rate to her so it best to call for yourself good luck with it love to you diddle x


I like you hated applying for any benefits, it was through my hubbies councellor, he had a breakdown last year, she advised applying for dla and getting social service involved in my care, I was refused dla in feb at tribunal but social service have given me a carer blue badge hopefully soon, a wheelchair etc,

I hate this illness but Ive had to admit I need help


I think you should go for whatever you are entitled to.You don't have to be claiming DLA to get a blue badge, I failed my application for DLA but still got a blue badge. Gentle hugs. x


I got my Blue Badge with the help of my GP. he suggested I go for DLA as he said I met the criteria. I was like you reluctant to go down that road as i felt it was giving in but the blue badge has been a godsend allowing me to get to places i would have just bypassed as too much effort. then sometimes i see 'blue badgers' leaping from their cars to go into shops etc and i wonder why i thought i was being a burden.

hugs xx


I know where you're coming from, although I definitely had a financial incentive to spur me on.

Even getting my Motability car was a bitter-sweet experience - so grateful for the car, but it is a symbol of my disability. I have to accept I am disabled. I think I have accepted it now, but at first I just kept saying that I would rather have a good pair of legs and a job I could walk to.

Ten months on I don't dwell on it so much.


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