diazapam :)

i think i may have got my meds sorted for a while anyway ,what ive learnd from having fibro nothing is written stone ,but for the amediate future im sorted yay !


i now take ,naproxan ,co-dydramol amitrityline ,every day and if im having a flare i take naproxan ,parecetomol ,dihydrocodeine ,amitriptyline ,and diazapam ,

my doc who realises im not going to abbuse the diazapam ,has perscribed 14 a month ,

i feel like i am finally getting somwhere yay :)

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  • oh p.s i dont take co-dydramol and paracetomol together lol

  • Hi Lynz, wow...so many tabs! do you rattle lots? :)

  • yes ido a bit lol ,but atleast ican keep up with my 5 kids just about lol

  • Woo hoo . Hope it works for you Lynz .

    I got some Diazepam the other day from my GP for a different problem, it's not solved that particular problem but I feel more relaxed than I have in a long while !


  • Glad that your meds are sorted Lynz, it makes such a differnce.


    Sue x x x

  • thats great that you are finally getting your meds sorted out it takes some trial and error doesnt it love to you diddle x

  • thank you everyone :) and yes it is all trial and error when it comes to fibro ,and what works for one dosnt always work for another xxxx

  • BEWARE diazepam causes panic attacks!!!! Drs used to give out like sweets until it was realised it causes mental health rather than cures it FACT. I know this thru personal experience and later thru my profession x. Just felt the need to warn people because the outcome can be worse than pain

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  • I have been on diazepam for ten years now - at night time only.

    It helps me sleep and is a muscle relaxant.

    But I must be totally addicted to it as I just can't give it up.

    It hasn't given me panic attacks - so I hope it won't give you any either.

    Venlafaxine, however, put me in a state of chronic anxiety - yet some people take it with no problems at all.

    Best of luck with your new treatment :)

  • Hi lynz, you sound really positive hun. :)

    Like you say though you need all them to look after the kids, i know i need mine lol. hugs, kel xxx

  • Hi Lynz, good to hear after all this time, hope you will continue to improve. I have just started taking naproxen and find it does help with the stiffness xx

  • Good luck Lynz. Guess everyone is unique and what suits one doesn't suit another x

  • I was given diazepam for panic attacks and they helped a lot

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