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Hi its meeeeee!!!!

when i was in the doctors today he looked at me and said sorry :(

i don't have a clue why you are so big the water is now in my face down so thats good

so i am sending you to a sorry can't pranouns let alone spell it any way this doc does all hormones and other things so that sounds good and also he has told me to doubel up my water pills so now on 80mg

and then oh by the way you have a sict on your overys so have got to go for moor scans and tests for that :) god life is so much fun

phoned mum up and got so there is something realy rong with you then

so i just said yes and sory mum but someone has knocked so have to go . and for the first time sinse i have had this my poor hubby is soooo frightend and he is fab with everythink never complains if his tea not done or cleaning not done he just comes in and does it . but this one has made him scerd god i do love him

sory for geting mushe there soft hugs to you all and hope you all have a good night sleep se ya soon xxxx

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bless you, sending love and hugs. xxxx


Hopefully its nothing on the ovary. If you get the exam I got to check my ovaries(checking to see I was ovulating or not - confirmed PCOS aswell), involving the ultrasound machine then it doesnt hurt.

Thank god youve got the support of your hubby. It makes all the difference.

Good luck. Hugs x


hi hunny i had a histerectomy over 25 years ago so don't now what they will find and this will be about the 7 ultrasound i will have had

god i am so sick of them

the only part that has not beed scand is my feet but keep watching this space younever now they will be next

as they are still swelling and i am on 80 mg of water tabs

get so pissed of with doctors and tests for this and that

but never mind i am going to smile to day and smile tomorow and all the days after that

soft hugs kath


thanks for your well wishes things will be ok

i am going to smile untill i am told that i have anything to worry about

untill then i will smile thank you so much soft hugs kathx


Best attitude to have Kath. Dont worry until there is something to worry about. This attitude doesnt go down well with my in laws the panic at the what ifs.

Fingers crossed (well attempted) for you.




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