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When I was helped fill to in my ESA form at the CAB, they told me that if I was refused I should appeal immediately and that if that happened my money would stay the same until the appeal had been heard. I have read several worrying things which lead me to understand that this isn't the case and that one can be left with no money coming in at all - can anyone pour some light on this as its worrying me crazy - I struggle to survive with what I get at the moment and can't think how I would survive .....I suppose it would effect my housing benefit which I rent my cottage with, so I would end up homeless and penniless - not what I had imagined I would be at just over 50.!!

I would be so grateful to hear what you all think.

muchly Dottii x

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  • You will still get housing benefit.

  • Thank you for the reassurance, everything seems really up in the air at the moment. I can't believe that this government is treating the most vulnerable people in society like this.

    muchly Dottii x

  • Dotti you will continue to get the basic rate of ESA until your case is heard at tribunal. This is around £65 a week I believe. Make sure you keep the housing benefit people informed promptly as they are prone to just suspend accounts when a change of circumstances is triggered. You may have a long wait for the hearing too, in my area of South Wales it's an approximate 6 month wait and they've now started offering Saturday hearings to speed up the process. Best of luck x kikki

  • Hello Dotti my ESA appeal hearing next week I have been waiting since january when I appealed but my ESA benefit stopped on 4th july as you can only claim it for a year !!! so at the present i have no income ( sure is tough) if i will this appeal I have to appeal to go in the support group thats the only way I am intittled to any benefit ... !!! im out my mind with worry as well xxx hope this helps xx

  • have a look at the 'benefits and work' website. Lots of info and advice there.

  • Sorry not to have come back to you all earlier on this, but a huge thank you for your contributions. This whole thing is a total farce in my mind and I am so sorry that so many Fibromates out there are being even more stressed than they are normally by this.

    Sane, I signed into the 'benefits and work' website a few weeks back and do get e-mails from them, but my mind is not easily put to rest.

    Thank you all tho for your kind words, muchly Dottii x

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