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Pension 1st

I have received a letter from the teachers pension requesting more updated evidence, all i have is a letter from my ex employer stating that they do not foresee me returning to teaching in the foreseeable future, which contrdicts the occ health who said there maybe a'cbance'... I am also receiving dla high rate mobilty and low rate care, plus my doctor thought i was being penalised because i had not been referred to a pain management clinic. however i did pay for about 5 months every week to see an osteopath who helped with pain at the time, i just couldnt afford to continue. I wonder if they would realise medical evidence for my appeal. can anyone think of anything else i could gather to help with my appeal? Thank you.

Shazzad xx enjoy your day x

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Oops forgot to mention doctor has now referred me to the pain management clinic x



I just posted this. I think you can use the advice given there to help you.

First make an appointment with your doctor. Good luck xx


I am sure i am right in saying you have a right to see any information from your medical records ..

but i would check it out with your Doc or a phone call to the practice manager may be all thats needed to confurm this xx

gentle dyslexic hugs


You are right. You have to give permission for another party to have a medical report written about you and your doctors have to advise you when that medical report is ready, giving you (I had a week) to arrange to see and review what was to be sent.


Might be worth you keeping a detailed diary for a couple of weeks and sending it off with all the other info.


Thank you, will do xxx


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