my friend from wales phoned me up after ten mins my arms were sore from holding the phone ,, so i says hey why dont we skype ,, its great just log on and can natter all night ,,then i realised id forgotten how the hell to use it ,, then id forgotten my passowrds and log on details ,,

anyway to make a long story short i got my password retreived logged on ,, and forgot why the hell i was on there lol

i gets a text off bev two hrs later laughing she knew id forgotten some days i give up lol x

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  • Very good blog! Made me laugh! Good luck next time with your Skype. xxxx:)

  • Love skype, hope you get to speak to her soon. xx

  • hahah... funny stuff xx

  • i fear for my sanity some days last week i petted the orange packaged loaf thinking it was my cat lol

  • lol that was so funny bless you who are you ? where are you ? love diddle x

  • that made me laugh love and soft hugs

  • As much as it hurt - I laughed and laughed - you are sooooooooo me! Hehehe

    Gentle hugs,



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