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Do you know i do believe i have got a sympton for every hour of the day can you believe that ???

it is amazing how many things you have got wrong when you start to write them all down

oh wel better feed the doggy and take him out the sun is beaming the sky is blue i will wlk my doggy then have a piece of cake and a brew

i will wash up the dishes and jump in the bath

i will come onto fibroaction and probably have a laugh

i will climb up the stairs and slide down into a bath

then settle myself on the sofa beside the fires hearth

i will take my medication

as the doctor said

then climb back up the stairs again

and slide into my bed

love to you all diddle x


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That is good diddle :) much love hunni. helen xx


She's a poet and we didn't know it xx


Good on you diddle x x x x


I love it! Gentle hugs and love diddle xxx


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