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arghhhhhhhh my poor daughter

omg i just found out that my daughter bumped into the father who shunned her and he said dont ever f******* look at me again !!!! omg i want to hunt him down and do some damage to him !! shes so upset i want to kill him :(

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been there done that :(

all i can say to you is just hug her and pick her up dust her down and be there

you will get your time to kill him at the moment your daughter is your priority

they always get theres .

bite your lip and just hug here like you have never huged her befor . she will get better and next time she sees him she will holde her head up hi and walk past him

and not even look at him . she will be strong and get over it and it will be him that misses out

he will miss her marreing and he will never walk her down the ial

he will never see her face as she looks at her own children .

never do that dance at her wedding .At the moment she must feel like her hole world has falling in on her but she will be strong with your help she will be a strong woman in this world and we need moore of them

things will get better it may take a bit but she will get there so your and her will be stonger for it AND MAYBE HIS BALLS WILL FESTER AND DROP OF but dont say that to her if she is young

sofft hugs from me to you kath


I feel for you, I'd prob feel the same, take a moment to remember kids are a lot stonger than we think, we cant protect them from life its our job to help them learn how to deal with the difficult times and be strong, our disability is FM but his is that he can feel the joy that haiing a child can bring, at least we have love if not health, I'd choose that anytime xx

Oh and I thiink the festering bit works too :-)


Awk Amanda that is terrible please tell your daughter he is not worth crying over, let him go one day he will regret saying that to her. Gentle hugs Violet xx


soft hugs to you and your daughter, my son went through a similar thing. xxxx


omg that is so horrid what a pr#@$ that is so awful but you cant pay your dets like that with money and he will find that out

luv and gentle hugs for you and hugs full of strength and reassurance to your daughter

lyn xxx


yeah thats not good but dont do anything silly then you are as bad as him be the bigger person give your daughter a hug reaasure her she is loved by you she doesnt need him and she will follow your example and everything she is is down to you so you stand proud and think i bought her up alone and she has turned into this amazing human being because of me and one day believe me he will want o know her and she will be able to turn round to him and say who are you ? you may be the sperm dodnor but your not my father and i will gaurentee it will happen maybe in 10/20/30 years and she will have nothing to feel guilty or bad about love to you diddle x


i agree with diddle,a simular thing happened to my son(kyle)when he was 12ish.he bumped in to his bulling,lying cheating,plantpot and poor excuse of a dad and the shit just ignored my kyle.kyle said he wasnt bothered(but he was).bout 3yrs after he saw him again and the plantpot said to kyle"hi how are u and hows your mum".my wonderful son just looked at him pulled out his mobile and told him to wait a minute,and then rang me and said"mum im just ringing to let you no that i`ll be home soon and thankyou for doing what you do for me".kyle then looked at the weazel and walked away from him.the weasel shouted after kyle but kyle just walked on ...i didnt no the shit was there when kyle made the call to me.i was thinking whats he atfer.it was bout 1 mnth later when kyle told me bout it..im so proud of him and iv done a damn good job in raising him...just like you are with your daughter....there are good parents and bad parent,men or women...and its alway gonna be like that,lv fm me xx


Aw so upsetting for her Amanda, at least she has a wonderful Mum to pick up the pieces. Easy to say forget all about him but its not as easy to do. Hope you will both be okay, love Angela xx


thank you all. Slept on it and things must not be going his way to have an outburst like that for nothing so heres to what goes around comes around ! shannon has gone off to college today doing her forensics she is such a strong cookie bless her 2 hrs of travelling to college & working in a pharmacy part-time shes so devoted to getting on with her life he is going to miss so much. I just cant believe my little prem baby is all grown up now when we nearly lost her when she was born so early at 25wks, bleeding in her brain & on oxygen for nearly 2 yrs at home as a baby i am so proud of her xxxxxx

thanks again everyone

gentle (((hugs)))

xx amanda xx


Hi Amanda, your daughter sounds like a very sensible, grounded young lady and you should be proud of yourself for raising such a wonderful daughter. I wish her well with her forensics at college. My daughter went thru a similar situation. I never lied to her about her dad, who walked out on us when she was 6months old.He kept saying he'd be round to see her,but guess what? he never did. She found out for herself, what he's like, a couple of yrs ago (she's 22 now) after a few attempts to get him to see her throughout her childhood, she found her half-sister on FB, then her dad.She msgd him saying "Hi dad remember me?".They chatted for a couple of months, on and off, then guess what again? Yes, no more contact. She said "you were right Mum, he IS a waste of space,and I dont want to know him". If you lie to your kids, it jumps up and bites you on the bum eventually. So Chelsea knows she can trust me. Ive never lied to her about anything. Her boyfriend gave me a lovely compliment, saying "I think youve done a brilliant job bringing her up". I appreciate that. Im not a perfect mother, who is? But I guided her and helped her, the best I could, to be the woman he loves now.Chelsea and I get on so well and she has NEVER said those immortal words (tho she might have thought it) "I HATE YOU". So GOOD ON YOU Amanda.I wish you well too.x


thank u bumble bee xx sounds the same and how proud u must be of ur daughter and i bet u are her hero xxxx i believe the same we must be completely honest with them and then we will always have trust between us.


xx amanda xx


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