extreme muscle tension

i dont just mean the general pain or muscle tension we get from fibro. what i mean is after i do anything like dance for 45 mins at a wedding my calves went in to absolute lock down for like 3 days. i struggled to walk and they were agony. it was like i had been running or rowing for hours and hours and hadnt done a warm down.

my sports therapist has said it is very unusual how fast my muscles take the tension, its like they dont drain properly or something.

anyway i wanted to know if anyone else has this and what you had done aobutit or if you knew what caused it??

thanks :-)

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  • I used to suffer like this years ago & used to wonder why I always hurt more & for longer than anyone else when I went to aerobics or the gym, it wasnt that I was really unfit, I've always been a very active & fit person. I think it has something to do with lactic acid build up in the muscles & that us fibros suffer with it more than 'normal' people, also it is to do with the lack of proper sleep we get - when you get proper sleep it is the time that your body repairs the tiny rips & tears in the muscles(everyone gets them when exercising) but because we dont get proper sleep the repairs cannot take place overnight - therefore prolonged effects of pain & stiffness. xx

  • ohhh thanks, that made me think a lot today and i think it makes sense, i used to get cramp really badly in my calves and this was the area that got affected. i also get cramp in my hip, at the most inconvenient times and i think it is the same kind of thing, lactic acid. thanks for your comment i think thats really helped :-)

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