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3 weeks tilll i move

i got three weeks left till i move from my lovley bungalow and move in with a friend cos of my financial situation im waiting for a tribunarel for dla and an appeal for esa i cant afford to pay my topup on my bungalow so im now moving into a house with my friend till i save enough to buy a mobile home ive been waiting for 18months for esa to sort things out but theyre are not hurring along and with the changes made im now worried thatim going to get less money than i get now ive spoken to my gp about work and he tells me i got no chance as i also have ostio artheritus iin my back and fused vertibry i would work 1 day and rest for 3 lolso im packing up what i can and selling everything else lol but bright side im getting a mobile home and going travelling soon every cloud has a silver lining i always wanted to travel just wanted to do it whilst i can

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Bless you Lyn-elliott I wish you well, it really is a fact that we seem to have to fight for absolutley everything....... what your GP has said about work is exactly a mirror of my situation, I lved my job but had to regretfully give it up.

How exciting the open road awaits you!!


bless you but at least by doing that you are being sensible so manty people saty in homes they cant afford and then end in debt but you are doing the right thing you will see it will all work out for you i know it will love to you diddle x


i am so annoyed today !!!!!!! why should you lose your bungalow becauce of this stupid govermant . we will have to move if i lose benafits and i live in a lovely bungalow but we will not be able to stay here xx


That is so sad that you are having to go through the stress and hassle of moving just because of the benefit system. I am so lucky that I own my bungalow although it took a lot of time and hassle - three court cases to get my ex to cough up enough to buy me somewhere outright. I have spent a year so far on £65 pound a week waiting for my ESA Tribunal, but it is nice to know I have a roof over my head as it just about covers my utility bills, food and petrol as long as I am careful. Good luck with the mobile home and happy travelling x


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