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fingers & thumbs i am so clumsy :(

cant believe it !! my kindle dropped on the rug and the screen broke :( its very upsetting as it is so good for me when resting to relax :( xx hope ur all having a better day than me. Also got a letter from the council about my daughter turning 18 !!! pity they werent so on top of cheats instead of honest people who struggle :(

gentle (((hugs)))

xx amanda xx

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Kindle :( & Council :( :( :( like you say the honest people struggle x


Bless you Amanda I have slept for 3 hours this afternoon.

Hugs x x


oh bless you cant believe it broke on rug i got a kindle they are fantastic

i had that last year when my daughter turned 18 she was on course at time so it was ok straightforward but then she went on jobseekers for 6 months that was sttraightforward then she got and started an apprenticeship jan 3rd and it has been a mightmare only jus sorted council tax and housing benefit out they are taking £140 a month for housing benefit and council tax she earns £150 a week so it is all wrong gives young people no insentive to work does it good luck with it love diddle x


Hi, I've had letters from child tax credit and child benefit going down as my 15 year old turns 16 in August. I've got to fill in forms saying shes going to 6 form. I agree its not fair cause others cheat and don't get caught.

Its a shame your kindle broke but by dropping it onto a rug shows how easily broken they are and this has put me of getting one as I'm clumsy and drop everything ( I've got no end of odd glasses, mugs and side plates!)